Why Travel To Malta On Your Next Vacation?

For its climate, its landscapes, its atmosphere and also for the price, Malta is a destination much more than attractive.
Why travel to Malta on your next vacation?

Malta is one of the favorite destinations in the Mediterranean. In addition, it is the stop of many cruise ships. Its climate, its nights of partying, its beaches, its people … There are many reasons why the island (or rather, a group of islands, since the country is made up of three), receives thousands of visitors every year. Do you want to know the reasons why traveling to Malta is a good idea?

Travel to Malta for the price

Valletta in Malta

Currently there are many companies, some low cost, that offer flights to the island. In addition, offers are quite frequent. You can find tickets for less than € 50, much cheaper than some train tickets.

Eating or partying is not expensive either, since the standard of living is quite similar to that of Spain. For example, a glass usually costs a couple of euros (although they are usually small) and a beer is between 3 and 6 euros, depending on the place.

For the good weather

Golden Bay in Malta
Golden bay

Malta has the privilege of being able to enjoy more than 300 days a year of sunshine. Its temperatures are mild in winter and in summer they do not rise excessively, it is rare that they exceed 30º.

Therefore, there is no better or worse time to travel to Malta. Perhaps if you are looking to escape the bad weather in Spain and without having to share all the tourist attractions with hundreds of people, the best time is at Easter.

For its gastronomy

It is true that Maltese cuisine is not one of the most famous, but that does not mean that it is not exquisite and rich. Due to the constant influence of other cultures on the island, gastronomy is characterized by the mixture of different ones, especially Italian and Anglo-Saxon.

For the beaches

Blue Lagoon in Malta
Blue lagoon

Perhaps, a priori, Maltese beaches are not the most attractive, as they are characterized by being especially rocky. But like many other Mediterranean beaches, from the Costa Brava to Greece, they have a special beauty. Therefore, do not underestimate them even if in principle they do not seem especially pretty.

You cannot miss during your trip Golden Bay (very frequented by tourists), Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, somewhat quieter than the previous one, or Ghadira Bay, perfect for those traveling as a family.

For its natural environment

Blue Cave in Malta
Blue cave

Nature in Malta takes your breath away, especially places like many of the cliffs that populate the three islands. They all have great natural wealth, and they are all different.

For example, on the island of Gozo you can visit what used to be the Azure Window (not long ago it collapsed) and where a famous scene from Game of Thrones was filmed .  Or you can also see the Salinas de Piedra.

The island of Comino is the smallest of the three and is uninhabited. But Comino has a wonderful place, the Blue Lagoon. It is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters that will steal your heart as soon as you step foot on it.

For his party nights

Malta is the preferred destination for young people from all over Europe. It is a place for end of study trips for the reasons we have mentioned and for its party nights. In the Paceville area you will find numerous stores that stay open late into the night.

The party is constant throughout the year, but especially in summer, it seems that the day never ends. The stores usually close around four in the morning. However, many continue to party on the street or at the El Clique nightclub in St. Julian’s.

For his art

Valletta one of the reasons to travel to Malta

This may be the reason that everyone overlooks, but Malta has many monuments to visit. Valletta, the capital of the country, is a beautiful baroque city, with fortifications and preserves that timeless atmosphere in its streets.

But you can also visit Mdina and its palaces, Marsaxlokk and its fishing culture or Rabat, where you can visit the catacombs of St. Paul or St. Agatha.

With all these reasons, don’t you think that traveling to Malta is a great idea? Don’t wait any longer and start organizing that getaway that you will never forget, for sure!

Popeye Village, a show village on the island of Malta

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