What You Can’t Stop Doing In Athens

Athens is a city full of historical, monumental and other attractions. We are going to enjoy all of them.
What you can not stop doing in Athens

We already know that we have talked a lot about Athens and everything you have to see. It is clear to us: the Parthenon, the temple of Athena and other great attractions that the city offers. However, there are several essential things that you cannot stop doing in Athens, and we will tell you what they are.

What you have to do in Athens, yes or yes: try its gastronomy

Eat greek yogurt

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the great attractions of the country and, of course, of Athens. On your tour you will find dozens of places where this product is sold. But, as in the case of macaroons  in Paris, it is not everywhere delicious.

A place recommended by the Athenians is Stani. It is located on Marikas Kotoupoli street with the corner of Omonia street. It is a small and old place, but they offer you an exquisite yogurt that you can make even more delicious with nuts and honey. There are several modalities, with different percentages of fat, although the original, the fattest, is the best.

After all, how many more times can you eat it? The price is very affordable, around 3 euros, although this low prices is a very attractive feature of the country.

Eat mousaka


Mousaka is another of Greece’s famous delicacies. In Athens there are a thousand and one places where they cook it masterfully. However, we recommend that you look for a typical and traditional place, small and charming. Surely there won’t be better mousaka in town!

Recommended is Aspro Alogo, a place in the purest Greek style where you will taste delicacies cooked in a traditional way. Recommended by the Athenians themselves. A small corner but full of charm.

Buy fetta cheese

The fetta cheese that you will taste in Athens has nothing to do with any other that you have been able to buy in your country. It does not matter what time of day you do it, you can take it during tourism, eat for breakfast, for a snack or whatever you need.

It is a food rich in protein and very satisfying and what to tell you, it is delicious and in Athens it is very cheap! What more can you ask?

What else to do in Athens? See its great attractions

With a full stomach and the strength recovered from the trip, it is time to discover all that the Greek capital has to offer. This is what you cannot miss.

Climb to the Acropolis

View of the Acropolis of Athens
View of the Acropolis of Athens

How to leave Athens without going up to the Acropolis? Impossible. Do not think that it is a simple set of ruins, far from it. The feeling you will have when you step on it will be inexplicable. Think that Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world and that Athens is the cradle of Western civilization.

Stroll through Plaka

Plaka neighborhood in Athens
Plaka neighborhood

The Plaka neighborhood, at the foot of the Acropolis, is a place full of magic  in which the terraces of restaurants full of people are its main attraction. Even if you don’t stop at any of them, walking through its narrow and cobbled streets, visiting its traditional product stores and admiring the decoration of its premises, will be an unforgettable experience.

See the changing of the guard

Changing of the Guard in Athens
Changing of the guard

In the old Royal Palace, today the Greek Parliament, the changing of the guard takes place, very peculiar. Their clothes are worth seeing and the movements they make to make the change is really different from anything seen before.

There are many tourists who come to this place to enjoy this show. It always takes place at the exact hour, so come to see it because we assure you that there is no waste.

Climb the Areopagus

Climbing the Areopagus, one of the things to do in Athens

For those who like history, the Areopagus is a marble stone hill. There the apostle Paul gave one of his most famous speeches. In fact, this one is engraved in a stone. In addition, the views from there are impressive, and for the more religious, thinking that they are on holy ground will create a very special feeling.

You see that there are many things to do in Athens, and also much to try and enjoy. Take good note of all this and make the most of your trip to the Greek capital, you will not regret it!

Enjoy Athens: its atmosphere, its history and its gastronomy

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