What Is The Best Time To Travel To Italy?

What is the best time to travel to Italy?

Italy is a very interesting and cultured country and therefore full of possibilities. As with all destinations, good planning is advisable before making the trip. Choosing the best time of year to travel is always difficult. Getting it right is not usually easy, except in this case. And it is that, really, the best time to travel to Italy is any.

Choice of dates: the best time to travel to Italy

If we decide to visit Italian cities, it is always a good time. During the winter months we will find populations full of tranquility and tranquility. Except, of course, if we do it at Christmas.

On the other hand, in summer we will come across cities full of tourists and large crowds. However, whatever our choice, Italy is always the right proposition. Welcome to the quintessential cultural paradise.

From October to december

View of Florence in Italy
Florence – waku

During these months we can visit both the northern and southern provinces. The enormous difference in temperature between one and the other does not have to be a problem if we are prepared. With the entry of October, temperatures begin to drop in all regions. But it is in November when the cold really begins to be noticed.

If we want to travel at low prices these are the dates indicated for it. The offers are pouring in and the Italian autumn is beautiful. Two very tempting facts for the “wanderlust” that we all carry inside.

For many this is the best time to travel to Italy and discover cities like Rome, Milan and Florence, less crowded with tourists than on other dates. Another perfect option for this time, in addition to being very romantic, is the view of Venice. It is then that the halo of mystery covers its channels. It does so in the form of a mist.

Between January and February

Winter, one of the best times to travel to Italy: Cortina D'Ámpezo
Cortina D´Ampezzo – Gian Cornachini / Flickr.com

January and February are the ideal months to enjoy freezing pastimes. This is the best time to get up close to the impressive Italian Alps or the Dolomites. The most daring can climb to the highest heights by cable car. From the heights you get impressive views that do not leave anyone indifferent.

For their part, the calmest can walk along its wide paths. Making the occasional stop to enjoy Italian cuisine is almost mandatory. And, if you like skiing, you can enjoy fantastic resorts.

If what we are looking for is urban tourism, Venice is still the queen in winter. It is famous for its Carnival parties, which last ten days. The streets are filled with masks and luxurious classic costumes. In other words, they are full of mystery and beauty.

March to May

Trajan's Forum in Rome
Trajan’s Forum, Rome – Nattee Chalermtiragool

It is often said that spring is the best time to travel to Italy. It is true that at this time the temperatures begin to be more pleasant and it is a good time to enjoy all its attractions and its wide architectural range of churches, museums and cathedrals.

In March our visit will be continuously accompanied by good weather. And most importantly, far from the huge queues that occur at the entrances during high season.

Spring reaches its full splendor and color in April. It is the almost perfect moment. We will not suffer the inclement cold or heat stroke. You want to walk through the streets of any Italian city. With the arrival of the month of May, prices begin to rise and the high season makes its appearance. And with it the large crowds that will continue throughout the summer.

From June to September

San Quirico d'Orcia in Tuscany
San Quirico d’Orcia – ronnybas

With the arrival of June, the summer season begins. The heat is coming, the days are longer and with more hours of light. The problem in Italy is that the crowds are increasing as the months of July and August approach.

It should be added that, with the arrival of summer, Italy is full of popular festivals and festivals. Already in June the feast of the Italian Republic is celebrated. For its part, in August the festivals of the Sun of Tuscany and that of Venice take place. When the month of September arrives, the heat diminishes but not the tourists, who are still abundant.

In short, whatever the season we choose, we will always live wonderful moments. The best time to travel to Italy will always depend on your tastes and what you are looking for.

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