What Documentation Do You Need To Travel To Asia?

A valid passport is essential to travel to any Asian country. In many, in addition, it is necessary to have a visa.
What documentation do you need to travel to Asia?

The cultures most different from ours are always a focus of attention and curiosity that is difficult to avoid. It is a normal effect, the more different the culture of the place we are going to, the more the trip will enrich us. That is why traveling to Asia is the dream of many Westerners.

However, traveling outside the European Union involves more restrictive requirements. To save ourselves problems, it is necessary to prepare in advance the documentation and procedures required in our destination country, thus avoiding encountering unpleasant surprises when traveling to Asia.

Documentation required to travel to Asia

The most important documents to leave the country are always the passport and the visa. The passport must be in order to enter any country on the Asian continent. In addition, it is recommended that its expiration date is at least 6 months after our arrival date in the destination country.

There are countries that require this requirement, so it may be advisable to renew it ahead of time if it is the case. It is worth mentioning that in the airports of Barcelona and Madrid the passport can be renewed urgently by going to the police office.

On the other hand, the visa is not always necessary, but many countries may require it. In this case, it will be necessary to inquire about the specific conditions of our destination. In addition, in some cases, applying for the visa in advance will save us money. For this, we can go to the embassy in Spain of our destination country before traveling to Asia.

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Travel to Asia: conditions by countries

As each country establishes different requirements,  which also vary over time, it is better to see each case separately. If you are thinking of traveling to an Asian country, take note of them.


Entering China requires a visa that offers a maximum duration of one month. In addition, the extensions and procedures necessary to extend this stay can be problematic and tedious.

However, many travelers decide to visit China and learn about its ancient culture. If a month knows us little, we can always repeat the trip.

Hong Kong

Although its territory belongs to China, Hong Kong has its own laws in some cases. Usually, we can enter this huge city with a simple passport in order, although in some specific cases a visa may be required. Even so, this is not a problem, since the visa can be done in a very short time upon arrival and at the airport itself.


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India makes it very easy for visitors to enjoy its unique culture and environments. To visit it, we will only need a passport and a visa, which can be requested for a duration of up to six months. Nothing less than half a year for an unforgettable experience.


This is another very common destination for travelers looking to get to know the Asian continent. To visit Cambodia we will need a passport and a visa that allows up to three months of stay.


Another great inescapable on a trip through the eastern territories. Thailand derives many benefits from tourism and therefore makes it quite easy for visiting foreigners to enter. To be able to travel the country it will only be necessary to have a valid passport. If it is the case, not usual, of needing a visa, this can be done at the airport itself, in a few minutes and without any problem.


Hikers in Langtan, Nepal

Despite how exotic this destination may sound to many, it is a trip that does not involve just bureaucratic obstacles. The necessary visa offers a maximum stay of up to three months and can be done at the same airport for no more than 25 euros.


Vietnam is one of the countries where a visa is not only necessary, but must be done in advance. In addition, as in all other countries, it is necessary to have a valid passport.

Japan and South Korea

Spaniards, Chileans, Argentines and Mexicans have it easy to travel to Japan, since entry without a visa is allowed. However, the passport is necessary and the maximum stay is three months.

As in Japan, in South Korea we can stay up to three months with just a passport, without a visa. Longer or business stays will require it.

Indonesia and the Philippines

For stays of less than a month, a visa is not necessary. If we want to extend the stay, the visa can be processed at the airport for only 35 dollars. Similarly, in the Philippines, for stays of less than a month, you do not need a visa.

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