We Visit The Most Secret Places In France

We visit wonderful places in France beyond its most tourist spots. They are really wonderful natural spaces and towns.
We visit the most secret places in France

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. However, while millions and millions of travelers flock to its most touristic and recognizable spots, there are other places much less famous but also worth knowing. We want to discover secret places in France that will surprise you with their beauty.

In the list of secret places in France we show you a little of everything, in order to satisfy all tastes and the most demanding appetites. Because although these places sometimes do not appear in the guides, the truth is that they are jewels that deserve to be discovered by the most restless travelers, like you. You dare?

1. Secret places in France: Playa d’En-Vau

Calanque d'En Vau in France
Calanque d’En Vau – PaulSchliebs / Flickr.com

Perhaps this is the most hidden beach in France, and that it is in a very touristy region, between the great city of Marseille and the wonderful coastal town of Cassis. A secret corner to take a dip in the Mediterranean between the famous Calanques cliffs.

2. Island of Bréhat

Brehat island, one of the secret places of France
Bréhat Island – Eric / Flcikr.com

We change the sea and go to the Atlantic, to the Brittany region. There are many places to visit there and among them is the enchanting island of Bréhat. Here time seems to have stopped. From the mainland it is a small boat trip to the island, but the mind transports you to another time.

3. Locronan

Locronan in France
Locronan – alainlm / Flickr.com

Without leaving Brittany, but now in the hinterland, we come to the granite village of Locronan. In France, when visiting some towns we come across signs that announce that we are entering one of the most beautiful villages in France. In this case it is very true, because this town seems like a true story.

4. Chemin de la Mâture

Chemin de la Mâture in France
Chemin de la Mâture – Pakito / Flickr.com

In the French Pyrenees there are countless trails that run through these mountains, but few are as peculiar as the Chemin de la Mâture, near the town of Etsaut and the Spanish border. A path cut into the rock in the seventeenth century to transport wood. Impressive!

5. Sautadet waterfalls

Sautadet waterfall in France
Sautadet waterfall – charron.serge / Flickr.com

Provencal landscapes always have a special charm, but there are hidden places that almost only the locals know that keep much of the essence of this territory. That happens with the Sautadet waterfalls. Its name is the evolution of “jump of the fairies”, which already gives an idea of ​​its beauty.

6. Sentier des Ocres

Sentier des Ocres in France
Sentier des Ocres – ras263 / Flickr.com

We propose another hiking route, now near the city of Rousillon. There is the Sentier des Ocres. And again its name gives us clues about what awaits us, since here we are going to see the largest natural palette of ocher tones that one can imagine, all of them due to a very attractive clay soil.

7. Albi

Albi in France
Albi – Natashilo

This city in the south of France is a waste of history and art. To some it will sound like the seat of the Albigensian heresy, that is, the center of the country of the Cathars. Others will already know that Toulouse-Lautrec was born here and that there is an important museum in his memory. And everyone who visits Albi will be surprised by this beautiful city.

8. Puy de Dôme

Puy de Dôme in France
Puy de Dôme – Gaelfphoto

In France it is well known that in its central region of Auvergne there are a number of spectacular volcanoes. But outside its borders, this gem is not so well known. However, we recommend a trip there. Especially to see the most famous volcano of all: the Puy de Dôme, whose crater is spectacular, as well as the path to get to its contemplation.

9. Balazuc

Balazuc in France
Balazuc – Gabriel De Siam / Flickr.com

And we are going to end up in the French Alps, a mountain range that is highly exploited for tourism, but which still contains somewhat remote and secret places that mass tourism has not yet reached. That happens in the town of Balazuc located on the banks of the Ardeche River, where by the way you can take a very refreshing bath if you arrive there in summer.

We can’t think of a better farewell for this trip that has discovered some really wonderful secret places in France.

Map of France: What areas to visit?

Main photography: verrier.claude / Flickr.com

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