We Visit The Most Beautiful Churches In Seville

We visit the most beautiful churches of Seville

On a trip to Seville you have to walk through its historic streets, and that is how anyone is able to discover that it has an enormous number of churches. And the most curious thing is that most are not only religious places and headquarters of brotherhoods that keep the processional steps of Holy Week there, the striking thing is that many of the churches of Seville are authentic art museums. Here we present the ones that we consider to be the most beautiful.

Seville Cathedral

Cathedral of Sevilla
Seville Cathedral – Wilfried Schnetzler / Flickr.com

This list must begin with the largest and most spectacular Sevillian temple, its Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede. A Gothic church, the largest in the world in that style, but which was built on what was a Mosque of the Muslims.

And over the centuries it has received top-notch additions and works of art. In other words, you cannot say that you have visited Seville if you have not marveled at its cathedral, in which you can see practically the entire evolution of art history.

Church of Santa Ana

Churches of Seville: Sana Ana
Church of Santa Ana – José Luis Filpo Cabana / commons.wikimedia.org

We cross the Guadalquivir river and arrive at the Triana neighborhood. There the church of Santa Ana rises, which was actually the first Catholic temple in the city after the Christian reconquest.

It was King Alfonso X the Wise who ordered its construction in 1276. Therefore, given its construction dates, the temple is a clear example of the fusion of Romanesque, Gothic and Mudejar styles.

Omnium Sanctorum Church

Another of the oldest churches in Seville is this one of Omnium Sanctorum (All Saints). However, little remains of the original temple, as it was renovated in the 14th century and even a fire during the Civil War left it practically in ruin. But popular fervor made it rebuild from the same year 1940, shortly after the end of the war.

Basilica of the Macarena

Churches of Seville: Basilica de la Macarena
Basilica of the Macarena – Seville city / Flickr.com

Among all the brotherhoods of the famous Holy Week in Seville there is one that is the most emblematic. It is about the Brotherhood of La Esperanza Macarena. Well, any faithful should go to it, located on Bécquer street.

And those who are not very religious should also come to this place to appreciate a careful temple that was also rebuilt after the Civil War, and which is the maximum expression of Andalusian religious sentiment.

Church of San Marcos

This other temple is located on Calle de San Luis, one of the oldest streets in Seville, since it was the thistle of the original Roman city. And centuries later it would be the main artery of the Muslim city. Well, with the Christian taking of the city, the church of San Marcos was built there in the Gothic-Mudejar style.

Church of Santa María la Blanca

Churches of Seville: Santa María la Blanca
Church of Santa María la Blanca – José Luis Filpo Cabana / common.wikimedia.org

Another example of the evolution of beliefs in Seville’s history can be discovered in the current Catholic Church of Santa María la Blanca. A site that was previously both a mosque for Muslims and a synagogue for Jews.

We recommend your visit because inside you can see some large circular canvases by Murillo. Although they are replicas, since the originals are in the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris and in a private British collection.

More churches in Seville worth visiting

Church of the Savior in Seville
Church of the Savior – Annual / commons.wikimedia.org

The list of churches in Seville worth visiting would be very long, but here we are going to point out just a few. One would be the Church of the Annunciation, with the pantheon of illustrious Sevillians, where the remains of the Bécquer brothers rest, among other personalities of the city.

Another would be the Collegiate Basilica of the Divine Savior, the second largest in Seville. Or we can also mention that of San Luis de los Franceses, an exceptional example of Baroque art.

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