We Visit The Best Spas In Spain

We visit the best spas in Spain

Doing health tourism in the different spas of Spain is a magnificent option to almost completely visit the country  and, at the same time, take advantage of great therapeutic treatments. From north to south and from east to west there are many thermal water spas in the different autonomous communities of Spain.

There are many, some loaded with history and others very modern, that is, there are them for all tastes and pockets. So that you choose well, here we present the best spas in Spain.

1. La Toja in Pontevedra, one of the most luxurious spas in Spain

Gran Hotel La Toja, one of the best spas in Spain
Gran Hotel La Toja – Víctor Gómez / Flickr.com

This Galician place and its 5-star hotel Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja has been considered, neither more nor less, than the best beach hotel in Spain. And to obtain such an award, its spectacular thermal facilities have undoubtedly helped, in which nothing is missing: an aromatic Jacuzzi, a fitness center, Turkish baths, a heated pool, Finnish saunas, etc.

And all based on the presence of its mineral-medicinal waters, exceptional for the most varied health treatments, especially in relation to the skin and lungs.

2. Solán de Cabras Spa in Cuenca

Solán de Cabras Spa
Solán de Cabras Spa – Antonio Marín Segovia / Flickr.com

This spa that reminds us of a famous brand of mineral water is located in the Serranía de Cuenca, in the municipality of Beteta. Its origins are legendary, since it is said that a shepherd saw how part of his flock drank water in this place and the goats healed their diseases.

A fact that would reach the ears of Carlos III, who ordered the construction of the Solán de Cabras spa in 1755. Since then, thousands and thousands of travelers have passed through here who have taken advantage of the weak mineralization of its waters to heal themselves from digestive, kidney or rheumatic problems.

3. Burgo de Osma Thermal Spring in Soria

Termal del Burgo de Osma, one of the spas in Spain
Burgo de Osma Thermal Spring – José María Andrés / Flickr.com

Now we go to the other Castilla, to Castilla y León. There, in the monumental town of Burgo de Osma, you will find this spa hotel that occupies a beautiful Renaissance building. In fact, everything here is healthy, since the atmosphere that surrounds this architecture is already comforting.

But to that we must add the waters that emerge from the well-known spring of Santa Cataliana. These waters are excellent for certain cardiovascular prevention treatments and for rheumatism.

4. Termas Pallarés in Zaragoza

Termas Pallarés, one of the spas in Spain
Pallarés Hot Springs – Jorge Montero Tapia / Flickr.com

This is another of the historical spas in Spain and is located in the Zaragoza town of Alhama de Aragón. A place name east of Alhama that we find in many other places in the Hispanic geography, and it is always related to the presence of hot springs, since it is an Arabic word that means “hot water”.

In this case, the spa has been in operation since 1863 and there users take advantage of waters with analgesic and sedative capacity, which makes them ideal for nerve, stress or anxiety treatments.

5. The Pearl of the Ocean of San Sebastián

La Perla Spa in San Sebastián
La Perla – FRANCIS RAHER / Flickr.com

This facility is located on the always beautiful beach of La Concha de San Sebastián, and for this reason it deserves to be part of the best spas in Spain. But in addition to that, we must talk about its thermal properties exploited since 1912, the year of its inauguration.

And although it is true that it has passed times of splendor and also of abandonment, the truth is that today, and after a thorough rehabilitation, it has recovered its hydrotherapy activity and welcomes the most modern health and aesthetic programs.

6. The Lanjarón Spa in Granada

Lanjarón Spa
Lanjarón Spa – Violaine Peyramond / commons.wikimedia.org

Now we go to Andalusia, on the very slopes of Sierra Nevada, in the province of Granada. There is the town of Lanjarón, which is famous for its mineral waters, which are not only bottled, but can also be used for different thermal therapies.

There are up to six springs there and each of them has different qualities, ranging from very high to very weak mineralization. In this way, in the Lanjarón thermal complex you can find the ideal treatment for a wide range of conditions.

7. Caldes de Boí Spa in Lleida

Caldas de Boí
Caldas de Boí – Angela Llop / Flickr.com

The thermal waters of this corner of the Pyrenees were already known to the Romans. Reaching this place located 1,500 meters high is a delight for the views that are contemplated and the infinity of walks and excursions that it offers.

There can be no better complement than this natural environment for the numerous treatments that are applied at the Caldes de Boí thermal resort, which offers very classic programs and therapies, but also other very avant-garde ones. And it is that the spas of Spain, with centuries of history behind them, also adopt the maxim that you have to renew or die.

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