We Visit 7 Charming Towns In Castellón

We visit 7 charming towns in Castellón

This province of the Valencian Community, which borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east, has a lot to offer us. Therefore, we want to take a tour of charming towns in Castellón. You are going to discover perfect locations for a getaway or something else, since in them you will find incredible beaches, beautiful landscapes and also interesting monuments.

What charming towns in Castellón to visit?

Between mountain ranges, coasts, pine forests and bushes and with a climate of warm summers and mild winters,  this province awaits us with open arms so that we can enjoy its natural landscapes and its vast history. These are the charming towns in Castellón that we recommend:

1. Morella

Morella one of the most beautiful towns in Castellón
Morella – Heather Cowper / Flickr.com

It is not only one of the most beautiful towns in Castellón, but also in all of Spain. It is located in the interior of the province and has about 3000 inhabitants. A beautiful town with medieval airs in which there is no lack of a castle on the top of a rock.

Morella offers many more attractions. The church of Santa María and the aqueduct of Santa Lucía are worth visiting. Not to mention the manor houses that are discovered in its steep streets. By the way, Morella is part of the Ruta del Cid.

2. Villafamés

Villafamés in the Valencian Community
Villafamés – Iakov Filimonov

Within the Plana Alta region, in the middle of the Sierras de les Conteses, Villafamés has dozens of tourist attractions. Among them, it is worth highlighting the Church of the Blood (17th century), the hermitage of San Miguel (from 1640), the Church of the Assumption (late 16th century) and the Matutano Cave.

In addition to all this, the beautiful castle and its walls of square towers, the Batle Palace and the Picas fountain deserve special mention.

3. Peñíscola

Peñíscola on the Costa del Azahar
Peñíscola – holbox

A beautiful town that is located on a rocky peninsula connected to the land by a sandy isthmus.  There is much to see here, from the Templar castle, to the walls commissioned by Felipe II to the church of Santa María (Gothic, from the 15th century) or the hermitage of the Virgen de la Ermitana (patron saint of the city).

And, in addition, Peñiscola has two fantastic beaches. Playa Norte stands out, with several kilometers of sandy beaches perfect for enjoying the sun and the sea.

4. Benicassim

Benicassim in the Valencian Community
Benicassim – Joaquin Ossorio Castillo

In the region of the Planta Alta it is another of the charming towns in Castellón that you cannot miss. It is made up of 10 population centers and was an important Arab fiefdom. Precisely, Beni Qásim (the “original” name) means “sons of Qásim”, an important Muslim lineage.

In Benicassim you can see the castle of Montornés, the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites or the tower of San Vicente. It is also worth making a stop in front of the Villas Elisa, Carpi, Victoria, Amparo and Paquita villas, built during the 19th century for summer vacations. And, of course, you also have to enjoy its beaches.

5. Culla

culla, one of the most beautiful towns in Castellón
Culla – Jorge López / Flickr.com

It belongs to the Alto Maestrazgo region, in the interior of Castellón, and is a beautiful medieval town.  There are several monuments and sites of interest in Culla: the Salvador church, the San Roque and San Cristóbal hermitages, the castle, the old hospital, the Río Monleón and Río Molinell caves and the Terrat viewpoint.

6. Segorbe

Segorbe in Cstellón
Segorbe – ANSELM PALLÀS / Flickr.com

It is the capital of the Alto Palancia region. When you visit Segorbe, be sure to visit the basilica cathedral and the whole of the wall and aqueduct (13th and 14th centuries). But there is more: the Arco de la Verónica, the towers of the Executioner and the prison, the castle of the Star, the Town Hall and the fountain of the Fifty Caños.

7. Alcocéber

Alcocéber in Castellón
Alcocéber – @Frayle / Flickr.com

This is one of the charming towns in Castellón, within the municipality of Alcalá de Chivert. It is a small fishing village with 10 kilometers of coastline and beautiful beaches and virgin coves : Cargador, Romana, Moro, Tropicana and de las Fuentes. They all have a blue flag and fresh water springs.

As for architecture, we can highlight the hermitage of Santa Lucía (in the Sierra de Irta), the salt warehouse, the Capicorb tower and the hermitage of San Antonio.

And, if you have time, you can visit other charming towns in Castellón : Benicarló, Vinarós, Ares del Maestre, Villahermosa del Río or Burriana.

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