We Discover The Beautiful Monasteries Of Armenia

The monasteries of Armenia offer us a route full of beautiful landscapes, medieval architecture, history and a lot of spirituality.
We discover the beautiful monasteries of Armenia

Knowing the monasteries of Armenia is one of the great reasons to undertake a trip to this country. It is a heritage site that is declared a World Heritage Site, since these constructions from the Middle Ages attest to the art, culture and history of this republic of the Caucasus.

Armenia, land of mountains and monasteries

Armenia Landscape
Garni gorge

Tourism in Armenia is incipient, so every time we can find a better accommodation offer. And more information is also available about this destination that until a few decades ago was integrated within the Soviet Union.

In fact, its discovery came after the fall of the USSR, as has happened with the rest of the former Soviet republics. Some are really beautiful, like neighboring Georgia, with which you have many ties. In fact, both are mountainous territories in the Caucasus and with a rich heritage. Although, the monasteries of Armenia are tremendously valuable and spectacular.

The most attractive monasteries in Armenia

We have made a brief selection with the monasteries of Armenia. But we must bear in mind that we are in a country to be discovered, so surely once there we will be able to find other truly attractive ones. However, to begin with, it is fine with these that we will talk about below:

Tatev monastery

Tatev monastery
Tatev monastery

One of the most visited monasteries in Armenia is that of Tatev, located in the southeast of the republic. It is a historical complex of the first caliber that dates back to the fourth century, although it was later expanded and transformed. In fact, today it is a group in which up to three churches from different periods can be visited.

And not only that, since the monasteries of Armenia on many occasions were more than places of prayer for the monks. For example, here was an outstanding university endowed with one of the best libraries in the territory. And even today you can see the intricate labyrinths in which the monks kept the books.

Geghard monastery

Geghard Monastery
Geghard Monastery

Of all the monasteries in Armenia, Geghard’s is surely one of the most spectacularly located. And, in a way, it shows us a perfect communion with the surrounding landscape. This is one of the great qualities of the most beautiful monasteries in the world, such as those of Meteora in Greece, for example.

Noravank Monastery

Novaran Monastery, one of the monasteries of Armenia
Novarank Monastery

Also the landscape that surrounds the monastery of Novarank is spectacular, since it is in the canyon of the river Gnishkajour. And perhaps because of this location it is more than advisable to arrive at this place at the end of the day.

And it is that with the sunset light the natural stone and that of the monastery seem to merge into a single thing, causing a very special visual effect and that the most believers give it the category of almost a miracle and divine action.

Sanahin Monastery

Another of the monasteries of Armenia that makes up the list of World Heritage Sites is that of Sanahin. It is a complex that includes the temple of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, as well as a medieval educational center. In addition, it draws attention to its bell tower and the old scriptorium area . In short, the Sanahin monastery offers you a trip back in time.

Hagpat Monastery

Hagpat Monastery

In the same 10th century that the Sanahin monastery was founded, the Haghpat monastery was built, quite close to the previous one. Its medieval architecture in the isolated environment is of undoubted charm.

Khor Virap Monastery

Khor Virap Monastery
Khor Virap Monastery

We finish the tour of the most beautiful monasteries in Armenia by mentioning the one in Khor Virap, near the border with Turkey. By the way, the visit has to be completed with contemplation and a walk through the neighboring Mount Ararat. After all, it is assumed that on that mountain of more than 5000 meters it served for Noah’s Ark to run aground after the Universal Flood.

Without a doubt, this is a good place to end this itinerary full of faith, history, beautiful architecture and fantastic landscapes. That is what a route through the most beautiful monasteries in Armenia offers us.

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