We Are Going On A Route Through The Cliffs Of Liendo

In Liendo you will find some of the most beautiful and rugged coastal landscapes in Cantabria. They are practically virgin cliffs that hide small beaches.
We are going on a route through the cliffs of Liendo

We want to discover one of the wonders of Cantabria. Specifically, we are going to get lost in the cliffs of Liendo, a place far from the world. Without a doubt, it will make your visit to the north of Spain an unforgettable experience. Get ready for the spectacular landscapes that you can only see here. Are you ready? We started!

The Cantabrian coast is characterized by having fantastic sandy beaches as well as incredible mountain views. However, the Liendo cliffs are a fusion between beach and mountains, resulting in rugged and impressive natural landscapes.

We discover the cliffs of Liendo

Cliffs of Liendo
Cliffs of Liendo – Landscape Nature Photo

Liendo is a municipality located in the region of the Eastern Coast of Cantabria. It is located 52 kilometers from Santander and is very close to municipalities known as Laredo or Castro Urdiales.

It is a very special place, since unlike the rest of the coastal municipalities, it has a line of cliffs instead of a beach. This makes Liendo the ideal place to contemplate the horizon and the sea from high rocky elevations.

Liendo is born in a closed valley surrounded by mountains. As a result of this, the geography of its landscapes makes the rocks reach the sea line. Therefore, there are hardly any beaches, except for small coves located between rocks.

They are places with a lot of natural wealth and biodiversity. All kinds of species inhabit these cliffs, even vultures. Something amazing, right?

On the other hand, the views from the Liendo cliffs are truly impressive, especially during the summer, when clear days allow you to contemplate the beauty of the Cantabrian Sea and the entire coastline.

Beaches on the cliffs of Liendo

San Julián beach in Liendo
San Julián Beach – Landscape Nature Photo

The best known beach that can be visited between the cliffs of Liendo is that of San Julián. It is located in the municipality itself, specifically, on the outskirts of the Iseca Vieja neighborhood. It is an emblematic place for the town, precisely because of the views of the cliffs.

It is 180 meters long and from there you can visit the cliffs, a ruined hermitage and even enjoy the views of the Liendo valley. Some legends tell that the ancient smugglers came to this beach to leave merchandise.

In addition to this beach there is a second one, the Arenal de Sonabia beach. It is further from the municipal area and is 154 meters long.

Its location is also unique: it rises at the foot of Mount Candina and hides behind the Ballena massif, which gives it a perhaps a bit abrupt appearance. Even so, it is a very special beach, since it was one of the first nudist beaches that existed in Spain.

Why visit these cliffs?

A visit to the cliffs of Liendo is essential for those who want to discover the landscapes of Cantabria. The cliffs are of remarkable height and just seeing them is impressive. It is like traveling to a wild and new environment, purely natural.

Also, because it is a little known area, so it will be quiet and perfect for those travelers looking for destinations away from the hustle and bustle.

San Julián beach in Liendo
San Julián Beach – Falstaf / Flickr.com

In addition, for lovers of hiking, it is the ideal place to do routes and enjoy the landscape. There is a five-kilometer route between San Julián and Hoya de Somante. Practically anyone can do it. On the way, you will pass the ruins of the hermitage of San Julián, an old point of passage on the Camino de Santiago.

But above all, the main reason to visit the cliffs is for the landscape. Without a doubt, it is a place isolated from life and urbanism. A place hardly altered by the hand of man. Only for those who love the beach and tranquility.

If you are thinking of traveling to Cantabria, take the opportunity to visit the eastern area. You will enjoy the beauty of one of the most incredible landscapes in Spain.

And not only that, but you can take advantage of the trip to discover the municipality of Liendo. It has a beautiful old town that is worth visiting. And above all, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a quiet walk. Do not miss it!

A perfect route to explore Cantabria by car in a few days

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