Visit The Most Famous Town In Galicia: Combarro

Hórreos, Cruceiros and traditional seafaring houses. These are the three elements that have made Combarro one of the most beautiful and well-known towns in Galicia.
Visit the most famous town in Galicia: Combarro

The Galician community, in the northwest of Spain, is known for its great diversity of landscapes and its thousands of charms. But without a doubt, the most famous town in Galicia, Combarro, takes the prize as the best destination. A maritime town of singular beauty. Dare to discover it!

Combarro, the most famous town in Galicia

Combarro Square
Combarro Square

It is the most famous town in Galicia, and one of the most beautiful not only in that community, but in the entire country. Combarro is located in Pontevedra, it extends on the banks of its estuary, next to the road that leads to O’Grove, and just five kilometers from the capital of the province.

The seafaring footprint extends through all the elements of Combarro. But if there is something that stands out, it is the architectural complex of this small town. Strolling through it is to contemplate the most traditional Galicia.

Its cobbled streets and churches are perfectly preserved. But special mention deserve some constructions as typical as they are unmistakable: the granaries. All this set allows the visitor to discover why it is the most famous town in Galicia.

Granaries in the historic center of Combarro

Granaries in Combarro
Combarro – Marc /

The visit to Combarro cannot start from another area that is not  the Plaza de Chousa. It is this square where we can contemplate the first typical constructions. The set of two granaries that we find here are perfectly preserved.

But the one in this square is just a small sample of what Combarro hides. In this town we can see more than 60 granaries. Among them, the more than 30 that line the banks of the estuary deserve special mention.

Cruceiros and typical houses

Cruceiro in Combarro
Cruceiro – Bibicleando /

Continuing with our pleasant walk, we will observe the main material of the constructions : stone and wood. Streets, houses and balconies are kept in good condition thanks to them.

And on the walk, we will also  see some of the seven crosses that are in the town,  and even small altars placed in front of them. These crosses have a quirk here. The figure of the Virgin is always facing the sea. Meanwhile, the figure of Christ is directed towards the earth.

We must not forget to contemplate the famous mariñeiras houses. They are fishermen’s houses that we will find on our walk. We can recognize them because they are stone constructions with small arcades to support the balconies of great weight, given the material with which they are built.

And so you will have already contemplated the three elements that shape the essence of Combarro: the granaries, the crucifixes and the fishing houses.

The views of the most famous town in Galicia

To end our visit we will end in the Plaza de la Fuente. And from there we will go to Padrón beach  to contemplate one of the most incredible views of Combarro. 

If we are lucky to find low tide, we can go for a walk through the old fishing port and contemplate the granaries located there. You just have to walk to the old dock to see the more than 30 granaries that look towards the shore of the Pontevedra estuary. It is the most typical image of this town.


View of Combarro
Combarro – Fernando García Redondo /

The promenade is not only a place to disconnect and rest from the madding crowd. If not, there  we will find restaurants to taste the best of the gastronomy so typical of Galicia. Of course, they may be very crowded.

And what to eat? Combarro is a seafaring town, therefore, the main protagonists are seafood. Clams, mussels or scallops are a small sample of the delicious cuisine that we can find in their establishments.

If you prefer other types of dishes, there will be no problem. In Combarro you can taste the freshest fish : grouper, sea bream, sole, sardine … And if you’re more of a spoon, try the Galician stew. Something that is evident is that you will never leave Combarro hungry.

You have already seen it, if Combarro is the most famous town in Galicia, it is for many reasons: for its charm, its typical architecture, its surroundings and its gastronomy. What are you waiting to visit it?

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