Visit Christ Church And Tour The Dublinia Exhibition In Dublin

Christ Church is much more than just a wonderful Dublin temple. There you can visit an interesting exhibition that shows what life was like in the city centuries ago.
Visit Christ Church and tour the Dublinia exhibition in Dublin

A visit to Christ Church is essential on a trip to Dublin. This temple in the capital of Ireland is almost a millennium old and is much more than a great church. Inside, an exciting journey through the history of the city awaits you. The name of this interesting exhibition is Dublinia.

The Dublinia exhibition

You must reserve some time of your trip to Dublin to visit the Dublinia exhibition. It is accessed from Christ Church through a bridge. It is installed in the Synod Hall, a building adjacent to this great church. The exhibition occupies up to three floors.

In it you can see what life was like in the city centuries ago. But it is not the typical exhibition museum in which they show you a painting and many other texts. In Dublinia you will immerse yourself in this environment thanks to the curious formula used by the museum.

The viking city

Viking scene in Dublinia
Viking scene – Gabriella Andrade /

As we said, it is not a classic museum. In Dublinia you can enjoy the theatrical representation of various actors. Dressed in period costumes, the “Vikings” teach you what their way of life was like. In addition, they invite visitors to participate in their recreations, and you can even take photos characterized as one of them.

The exhibition also shows several examples of streets, houses and buildings representative of Viking society. In this way, you will be able to understand in depth what the city was like at that time, the ways of life, the relationships in society or the ways of defending itself and attacking other settlements.

Medieval dublin

Medieval scene in Dublinia
Medieval scene – Adrian /

In the exhibition you can also enter the house of a merchant in the city in the middle of the Middle Ages. Thus, you will know the products with which they were traded. And they also teach you what the streets of Dublin were like at that time.

The exhibition, therefore, is ideal if you are going to travel to the city with children. It is entertaining and very educational. Although it is also interesting for adults.

Meet Christ Church

But before entering the museum you have to see Christ Church, Dublin’s Holy Trinity Cathedral. It was built in the year 1038, so it is about to turn two thousand years of history.

Crypt of Christ Church
Crypt – James Stringer /

Its oldest part and one of its main attractions is the crypt. It can be turned into a maze through all the corridors it has. In fact, there are legends of people who have entered the crypt of Christ Church and have not come out.

In the crypt you can see torture objects typical of the medieval period. Although the most characteristic are two mummies that remain in view of the attendees. It is about a cat and a mouse that were found in this state in the 19th century and are now part of the exhibition.

What else to see at Christ Church

Interior of Christ Church
Church interior – Michael Foley /

Another interesting part of the temple are its bells. The oldest remains in the cathedral since its creation in the 11th century. Since then several more have been added in later times. Today, the church has 19 bells.

In the visit to Christ Church you can climb the tower. There you will see the bells up close and you can even ring them. As there are so many, it is possible to create melodies. The guides will explain all the secrets about these instruments.

Regarding the church, you can visit the sarcophagus of one of the funders of Christ Church. Next to him is another smaller one, which is said to be his own son, whom he murdered with a sword for showing cowardice in battle.

A curiosity of the temple is that seven years ago a reliquary was stolen in which was the dissected heart of the clergyman Laurence O’Toole. This was another Christ Church attraction, but since his theft the perpetrator has not been found.

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