VIP Lounges At Airports, Are They Worth It?

In the VIP lounges of the airports they treat you like royalty. But you must be an elite traveler, or carry enough resources to afford that luxury.
VIP lounges at airports, are they worth it?

Airport VIP lounges, as the name suggests, are top-notch places where you can stay while you wait for your flight. Almost all major city airports have one of these locations and they are actually very comfortable.

These areas are exclusive. Generally speaking, those who have access to them are first-class ticket holders. Also those who have a special membership in the airline, or have a first-rate credit card.

You can also get access to some of these VIP lounges if you pay a fee that is usually high. That entitles you to a certain number of hours of stay in these places. Many wonder if it is worth the expense. Here we tell you the advantages, the means of access and the disadvantages.

Types of VIP lounges

VIP room.  at Baku airport
VIP lounge at Baku airport

The main airlines in the world have their own VIP lounges. Some of them have international fame, such as Lufthansa in Frankfurt. As we mentioned before, those who have access to these rooms are first-class passengers and those frequent travelers and have a first-level membership.

Some credit cards also have their own VIP lounges at airports. This is the case of American Express, which has the Centurion network of rooms. They are in several countries, basically in America and Europe.

Airlines also come together to share VIP lounges at different airports. This is the case with Star Alliance, which has more than 30 airline partners. They are available to travelers from any of the alliance’s member airlines, who have elite status or travel first class.

VIP lounges services and benefits

VIP lounge at Barcelona airport
Barcelona airport lounge – Maria Victoria Rodriguez /

In general, all VIP lounges offer the same basic services, although their quality may vary. The usual thing is that they offer food and drinks, hot and cold, in an unlimited way. What they provide is light meals or sandwiches, not main dishes. There are liquors of all kinds.

Additionally, almost all of them have well-equipped rest areas. In them there are large armchairs, which even allow you to sleep with some comfort. If not, in any case they provide greater comfort than the chairs in normal waiting rooms. Some of these rooms also have a shower, hairdryer and even a bathtub.

Likewise, they have work areas where there are computers, desks and everything necessary to take advantage of the time during a business trip.

They also usually include services such as massages, manicures, haircuts and others. In the same way, you can request that they notify you in a timely manner about the boarding time and that they transfer your bags to the corresponding place.

Are all those luxuries worth it?

VIP lounge at Québec airport
VIP lounge at Québec airport – Pablo Monteagudo /

As always, there is no categorical answer to that question. It all depends. During a particularly long layover it might be a good idea. Especially if it is a long trip, you are tired or you need to recharge your batteries. It is also convenient when your health is not the best.

During a business trip it may also be advisable to use these rooms. They provide everything you need to complete a task, or coordinate last minute topics or appointments. In addition to giving you the tools, it also provides the necessary atmosphere to focus on what you are doing and take advantage of the wait.

Another circumstance in which a VIP lounge can be a blessing is when traveling with children and there is a long wait. In these rooms there is television and sometimes video games. They are also spacious and this can be of great help in the face of the impatience that usually invades the little ones.

The main disadvantage of these rooms is the access restrictions. Not all of us can travel first class, nor are we elite members of an airline. On the other hand, the price of independent rooms is, in general, very high. They are, definitely, a luxury that you can give yourself when you are not traveling on a budget.

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