Trip To Cuba: A Dream Come True

Bathed by the waters of the Caribbean, this island country stands out for its peculiarities.
Travel to Cuba: a dream come true

Undoubtedly, a trip to Cuba is something that cannot be missing from the tourist agenda of lovers of paradisiacal places. But this island country, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, has more than just white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, and it is striking for the way of life that Cubans lead.

Something that is immediately obvious when we set foot in Havana is its old car park, with cars that are authentic walking relics of the 1950s and whose owners continue to repair in the style of the old school, and not based on to change parts as would happen in any country that operates under a market economy. When there is need, ingenuity is sharpened.

Havana, one of the reasons for a trip to Cuba

Something that also attracts attention are the charming pastel colors that their buildings of classic architecture wear, with an architectural style that comes from the Spanish colonial era, as well as the narrow streets through which the nationals walk that, by the way, give a glimpse of a exceptional, open and cheerful character.

Among the most emblematic places of Havana are the Plaza de la Catedral, the Capitol of Havana and the Malecón in Havana, as well as La Bodeguita del Medio, a restaurant where famous writers have passed (such as Gabriela Mistral, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Neruda) and political figures such as Salvador Allende.

On the other hand, if you are a smoker, you are surely wanting to take a puff on a cigar while enjoying a delicious glass of Cuban rum and the warm Caribbean sun and sea breeze, typical of the tropical climate.

La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana
La Bodeguita del Medio

As for gastronomy, you cannot miss the La Guarida restaurant, where you can enjoy a true icon of Cuban gastronomy. There you can taste typical dishes such as old clothes, rice with chicken, black beans, yuca with mojo or the traditional Cuban sandwich, in other specialties.

If you are more into wiggling your skeleton, you can also dance Cuban salsa in many places and in a good part of the streets of the Cuban capital, since it is not uncommon to see enthusiastic people dancing through its streets.

Among the most renowned dance venues are the Tropicana Cabaret, known as ‘paradise under the stars’, where well-known figures such as Celia Cruz and Frank Sinatra have passed; after the show, spectators will be able to dance on the floor.

How to enjoy a pleasant trip in Cuba at a competitive price?

Fortunately, in Cuba there are many Spanish hotels –such as NH, Meliá or Iberostar– that will make you feel at home. That is why there is no shortage of offers for a trip in Cuba at more than reasonable prices, and it is a more affordable tourist destination than one might think given the long journey of almost 10 hours by plane.

For example, Voyage Privé Cuba currently offers prices for almost all budgets : from around 500 euros for Havana and Cayo Santa María, and from around 700 euros for Havana and Varadero.

Varadero beach
Varadero beach

By the way, Varadero has 22 kilometers of beach – one of the best in the world – and is one of the most suitable locations for snorkeling and diving, since there is one of the largest coral reefs in Cuba, where you can see more of 50 species of fish.

For its part, Cayo Santa María is a small island of only 21 km², so it won’t take you long to explore it. The vegetation on its beaches stands out, where it is also common to practice water sports.

In short, the truth is that with any of these options you will enjoy its virgin beaches at unbeatable prices, a dream vacation that, once in your life, you have to allow yourself.

Cuba will not disappoint you, neither for its climate, nor for its beaches, nor for the character of its people, nor for its gastronomy, nor for the recreational activities that you can practice.

Those who have visited Cuba have been impressed by its contrasts, by the warmth and ingenuity of its people, by its unique history and also by the curious air that certain areas of the country have, because it seems that they have not yet reached the current time, they seem like a portal to times gone by.

Those with an artistic interest will greatly appreciate the walks both along the beach and through its busiest streets, as they have inspired countless literary and musical works of various genres.

The 6 best reasons to visit Cuba

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