Travel To Belgium: Discover What You Can Do In The Country

Belgium is a country that has authentic fairytale cities. Without forgetting famous products such as their beers or their chocolate.
Travel to Belgium: discover what you can do in the country

Traveling to Belgium means discovering a country full of attractions. Despite being one of the smallest on the European continent, there are endless things to see and do in it. Let yourself be carried away by every Belgian corner and fall in love with our list of essentials.

Belgium, a country worth traveling to

Why travel to Belgium? Very easy! Because it is a beautiful and relatively cheap destination. You can find many options for both transportation and accommodation. As for food, you have everything from fried establishments to restaurants specializing in Belgian food.

Chocolate shop in Bruges
Chocolate shop in Bruges

Another reason why it is worth traveling to Belgium is because all distances are short and, in addition, thanks to its transport service you can do them efficiently. Belgium’s rail network was one of the first in Europe and one of the best-performing today.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of good beer, this is an ideal destination. In Belgium, high quality beers are made, so you can taste unique products that you will not find outside there. In many cities you can visit factories and try their stews with beer as an ingredient.

Last but not least… What about waffles? Belgian chocolate? From the french fries? Are you going to miss it? Don’t leave Belgium without trying all this!

Places you cannot miss if you are going to travel to Belgium

In an express trip of 5-6 days you can get to know the jewels of Belgium. As you already know, having such a good transport network, you can move very quickly around the country and visit different cities. The more the merrier, but the decision is left to you. These are the recommended places!

1. Bruges, the great treasure of Belgium

Canals of Bruges in Belgium
Canals of Bruges

Without a doubt, Bruges is the star of Belgium. Virtually everyone agrees that it is the most beautiful city in the country. The reason? Possibly its appearance and its historical past.

Thanks to its past, Bruges can boast of having an intact medieval old town. It is a pleasure to walk through its large squares and see its colorful houses, its towers, its cobbled streets …

And the other jewel of Bruges are its canals. In fact, it is almost mandatory to take a boat and tour them while enjoying the views. The best thing is that no matter where you go, Bruges will make you fall in love with its smell of fresh waffle, its color, its joy and its beauty.

2. Ghent, the second jewel in the crown

Ghent Castle in Belgium
Ghent Castle

There is some rivalry between Ghent and Bruges for being the most beautiful city in Belgium. Really, its entire historic center is capable of impressing and making anyone fall in love.

From the Church of Saint Nicholas, passing through the Belfort and ending at the Flanders Castle, everything you see in Ghent will take you back to the Middle Ages. What would it be like to live here? And walk through its streets? And above all, what will it be like to relax on the banks of the canals? Find out for yourself!

3. Brussels, the capital

Grand Place of Brussels
Grand Place of Brussels

The capital of Belgium, Brussels, could not be missing from our list. The axis of activity of the country and the city from which everything arises : history, architecture and current affairs.

The historic center of Brussels reaches its maximum splendor on the Grand Place, wonderful to see both day and night. A place with a lot of activity at any time. And very close is the famous Manneken Pis (don’t leave without seeing it!).

Beyond the old town there are also beautiful areas. It is worth strolling through  the European Quarter, or relaxing in the famous Cinquantenaire Park. And finally, a visit to the Atomium!

4. Antwerp

Antwerp Castle
Antwerp Castle

Adding Antwerp to the list, these four cities are considered the must-see cities in Belgium. Between them the distance does not arrive at the time of travel. In the case of Antwerp, perhaps it is not such a tourist-oriented city, but that gives it a special touch : you can enjoy a different atmosphere.

The jewel of Antwerp is undoubtedly its cathedral : it looks impressive both inside and out. Also its Central Square and the Royal Palace of Antwerp. Even its train station is pretty, you don’t want to miss it.

These 4 places are essential if you are going to travel to Belgium. But if you have time, also visit Leuven, Liège or Mechelen.  Do not forget your camera, because what will be recorded after this trip will make you want to return.

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