Tour The Beautiful Islands Of Ang Thong In Thailand

These islands form one of the national parks of Thailand. Islands of enormous beauty, but, above all, of great natural wealth, both on the surface and under the water.
Tour the beautiful islands of Ang Thong in Thailand

If you want to know a true paradise, visit the islands of Ang Thong. This archipelago, made up of 42 islands, is located in the Gulf of Thailand and offers a breathtaking experience. In fact, it is one of the national parks of the country.

These are virgin islands, with a spectacular natural wealth, both in surface flora and fauna, as well as in the maritime part. Here you can rest on the virgin beaches, go scuba diving and even sleep on the main island that makes up the park. What are you waiting for to plan your trip to the islands of Ang Thong?

How to get to the islands of Ang Thong

Beach in the Ang Thong islands
Beach in the Ang Thong islands

Ang Thong Marine Park is a place where you cannot build. In this way, its great natural wealth is maintained and it is allowed to continue like this in the future. However, this measure has an impact on the tourist side.

As there is no infrastructure, visits to these islands usually last half a day. At most, sleeping in tents is allowed in the main part of the park, but this makes it difficult for many people to get close to this environment.

To visit the islands of Ang Thong, you can go with a fisherman who agrees to move you there. However,  the best option is to sign up for one of the tourist visits organized by different companies. The common is to go from the large islands of the Gulf of Thailand, such as Koh Samui or Koh Phangan.

What to do in the maritime park

View of the islands of Ang Thong
Ang Thong Islands

If you want to know this natural environment and escape the most classic tourism, this is one of the best possibilities. The visit to the islands of Ang Thong will allow you to live an unforgettable experience. And you can enjoy it in two different ways.

On the one hand, you can do a guided boat tour. If you are satisfied with appreciating the paradisiacal environments with the naked eye, a good option is to join one of the tours that are carried out from boats. So you can see up close, but from the sea, the most important islands of the archipelago.

If you want to fully experience the visit to the maritime park, you can opt for organized trips with activities. You can dive in the crystal clear waters and see the spectacular seabed. Waters free of garbage that, unfortunately, harms the environments in which human beings are most present.

On the other hand, in these organized trips you will get to know several of the islands and you will have a moment to walk along movie beaches. In fact, most of the tours include food on the sand and just a few meters from the water.

Is it possible to sleep on the islands of Ang Thong?

Perhaps you dream of spending a night on a paradise island, a place where man has not intervened. Well, you should know that the maritime park offers you that possibility. On Koh Wua Talap, the main one of the Ang Thong islands, tourists are allowed to spend the night there.

But it cannot be done freely. This must be done through the rental of tents that is requested from the Department of National Parks of Thailand.

Incredible views

Views of the Ang Thong Islands from a lookout point
Views from a viewpoint – hjjanisch /

If what you are looking for is the perfect photo, or simply enjoy a panoramic view that you will never forget, you can access the highest points of some of the islands. On the guided tours you can choose to sunbathe on the white sands of the paradisiacal beaches or take the route inland.

If you opt for the second option,  at some points the climb is difficult. It must be remembered that all the islands remain virgin without the intervention of man. But there are few who give up, because the final prize is unique.

From the viewpoints at the top of the islands you can see part of the archipelago and the waters of a color between blue and green that you only knew from postcards. An unbeatable memory of your visit to these islands of Ang Thong, one of the many treasures that Thailand hides.

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