Top 3 Things To See In Trondheim

Top 3 things to see in Trondheim

Trondheim is Norway’s third most populous city and the country’s largest university and technology capital. In addition, it is surrounded by hills and a sublime sea and its streets have a special charm.

Do not hesitate, if you are planning a trip to Norway you should make a stop in Trondheim. To convince you, we are going to take you to the most emblematic and fascinating places in the city. The countless landscapes of this incredible corner of Norway will impress you and we are sure that you will want to return.

1. Monuments in Trondheim

Trondheim was the capital of the country until the 13th century. It is a city, therefore, with a rich history, and from it we can admire numerous remains and buildings of interest.


Trondheim cathedral
Trondheim Cathedral – Piotr Wawrzyniuk

It is the beautiful Trondheim Cathedral, a temple built over the tomb of Saint Olav. The beginning of the works took place in the year 1070, although throughout its history it has undergone several reforms. A beautiful building on the outside and sober on the inside.

Archbishop’s Palace

Archbishop's Palace in Trondheim
Archbishop’s Palace – Laura Tomàs Avellana /

It is a wonderful, perfectly preserved architectural complex. Its construction began in the 12th century and it is the oldest secular monument in all of Scandinavia. Inside you can enjoy various exhibitions, including the Crown Jewels.

2. Walks in Trondheim

But Trondheim is a city full of charm in all its corners, a city that can be enjoyed simply by walking through it. 

Colored houses on the river Nidelva

Colored houses in Trondheim
Colorful houses in Trondheim – Tatiana Popova

On the banks of the river Nidelva there is a landscape suitable for a panoramic photograph or a postcard. These houses were mostly built during the 18th century and have been perfectly preserved. Most are home to restaurants or shops, so don’t hesitate and walk into one to feel the very heart of Trondheim.

If you want to enjoy this beautiful and colorful picture, nothing better than doing it by kayak.  You can cross the river Nidelva sailing, yes, better in summer.

These houses are very different from those in the Bakklandet neighborhood, a picturesque area of ​​traditional wooden houses with a special charm.

Skansen and the promenade

Skansen Bridge in Trondheim
Skansen Bridge – Sveter Sveter /

It is another perfect area for walking, you will enjoy the tranquility of the port and you will be able to reach the old Skansen railway bridge  . A bridge designed by Joseph B. Strauss, the same architect who designed the Golden Gate in San Francisco and is still in service today.

Near the Skansen bridge is St Olavs Pir, a promenade with viewpoints and stairs to go down to the sea.

3. The Trondheim Rock Museum

Rockheim in Trondheim
Rockheim – Ole Gunnar Onsøien /

Trondheim has several interesting museums, but this one is special. It tells the history of Norwegian pop and rock from 50 years ago to the present. 

Rockheim, as this museum is called, is highly interactive. It has an interesting collection of instruments  and almost everything can be played, in  fact it has numerous consoles and headphones to listen to songs from the golden age of rock.

The Norwegian Rock Museum  is the perfect place for lovers of music and especially rock. It is a suitable place to enjoy with the family and for children to learn about the history of music in general and Norway in particular.

As you can see, Trondheim has a lot to offer visitors. Don’t miss it on your trip to Norway.

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