Tips For Preparing A Creative Journey

Traveling is more than seeing new countries or places. Traveling can open you up to an unknown and exciting world thanks to your creativity. How to get it?
Tips for preparing a creative trip

Taking a creative journey in search of inspiration can be a tremendously enriching experience from a personal point of view. And even from an economic point of view, if our creation makes us conceive quality and easily salable works. So we are going to give you a few tips to help you embark on that most artistic journey.

A creative and initiatory journey

Woman on a creative journey looking at the horizon

If you really manage to take a creative journey, in which our inspiration is activated in an unstoppable way, it will become a unique experience. Almost addictive, because every so often we will want to feel those sensations again and recharge the batteries in our brain. The downside is that there are no infallible formulas to achieve it.

But instead, you can follow some guidelines to achieve it. Which? Here we are going to give you a few tips for before, during and after your creative journey.

Travel time

Inspiration comes in a moment, but that doesn’t mean it comes out of nowhere or spontaneously. You have to provoke it, and that takes work and time. The muses do not come for a weekend getaway to a most inspiring place. Therefore, when planning a creative trip, you have to think about a couple of months, at least.

A stay long enough to travel without haste and stop to know in depth everything that motivates us. That is to say, we must let ourselves be enveloped by that atmosphere we are looking for, forget about our routine and let new ideas appear in our minds.

The destinations

Traveler looking at the landscape

Nor can we speak of more inspiring destinations than others. Each of us is inspired by one thing. There will be those who look for places as steeped in history as Istanbul or others full of myths like India.

Some will prefer to discover the great museums of the world in London, Paris or New York. And they will even look for places where music resonates at all hours, and music of all kinds, from the classical of Vienna or the danceable rhythms of the Caribbean.

However, there will be those who conceive their creative journey in a relaxing place, and even abandoned in the world. In other words, you will want to spend time by the sea or in a rural environment between mountains. The truth is that the spark of creativity can be activated in the most peculiar places, and each one can happen to us in a different place.


Another tip when preparing a creative trip is not to prepare too much. As in any type of trip, once the destination has been decided, you have to look for the best dates to go there. As well as preparing the necessary documentation, especially if it is going to be a long-term trip. And solve practical issues such as accommodation or vaccines.

It is also very important to document what we are going to visit, since we want that place or places to activate our creativity. And the more we know about him, the closer we will feel.

Traveling alone

Another basic condition of a creative journey is to do it alone. Any solo trip reveals things about ourselves, and that is undoubtedly the most inspiring of all. More than by external agents, inspiration comes from within us. So it is better to be focused than we are on ourselves.

That does not mean that we do not relate. Quite the opposite. Although there will be those who seek the most absolute solitude to write or paint. In general, on a creative trip we want what we visit to influence us, and part of that influence can come from the people who live there or from other travelers.

Work materials

Traveler with a tablet

Perhaps inspiration comes to us on a plane, looking at a landscape or in a hotel bed. The point is that you have to write down or sketch what comes out of your mind. This is the goal of a creative journey.

So we always have to carry our work tools, which can be very varied: paper, colored pencils, watercolors, camera, laptop …


Perhaps the best advice to undertake a creative journey is that you go with an open mind, without preconceptions. Let the territories and people you visit influence you, let them tell you what they have to say to you, let them leave their mark.

Thus, when you return home you will see how new ideas emerge, not the ones you expected, new ones! If so, your creative journey will have been a success.

Travel the world.  Do not dream your life live your dreams

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