Things You Can Do On The Isle Of Man

Halfway between Great Britain and Ireland, this island is famous for a motorcycle competition. However, its attractions are many more.
Things to do on the Isle of Man

We are going to tell you the best things you can do on the Isle of Man and the best places you can visit. But first, we have to talk a little about the characteristics of this peculiar and small island nestled in the Irish Sea. And above all, we have to mention something of its unique history so that you can better enjoy its present.

Where is the Isle of Man

As we have already said, the Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland. A place that is accessible from various ports, such as Manchester, from where ferries depart regularly.

However, it is true that it is an unpredictable sea and that it easily presents bad conditions for navigation. Therefore, a good alternative is to fly to the only island airport, Ronaldsway.

Some of the history of the Isle of Man

Milner's Tower on the Isle of Man
Milner’s tower

This small island is 22 kilometers at its widest point and just over 50 kilometers long. Despite its dimensions, it has been a coveted settlement point throughout history.

In fact, it is considered one of the six Celtic nations. Here have passed from Irish missionaries to conquerors from neighboring Scotland and England. Not forgetting the years that it was Viking territory.

However, it has always managed to maintain its independent character, even today. Today, the Isle of Man is a territory where the Queen of England is the Lady of Man, but it is not part of the United Kingdom. It is independent, and it does not belong to the European Union either.

Things to see and do on the Isle of Man

Climb Tynwald Hill

View of Tynwald Hill
Tynwald Hill – James Stringer /

We begin with a place that speaks to us of that independent character that makes the inhabitants of the Isle of Man so proud. We speak of the place of Tynwald Hill, in St. Johns. It is a hill on which four platforms are discovered. There the High Court of Tynwald met, considered one of the first parliaments of the world.

At present the island has other parliamentary seats. But it is true that if you visit it on July 5, the national day of the Isle of Man, in this place the island government will meet again to publicize the latest laws passed.

Discover local traditions

Cottage at Cregneash
Cottage at Cregneash

It is clear that here they are very proud of their laws and their history. Something that can be corroborated with a visit to a charming town. Cregneash is a town that we can consider an open-air museum.

There we see how agriculture, fishing or livestock have been worked ancestrally. And you can also discover many other traditions that made each of these villages in practice self-sufficient.

Walk on the sea

Visit the Tower of Refuge, one of the things to do in the Isle of Man
Tower of Refuge – Ben Ketteridge /

This activity proposal on the Isle of Man is not always possible. It is about visiting the Tower of Refuge, located on the small islet of Santa María in Douglas Bay. Sailors sometimes took refuge there waiting for rescue.

The usual thing is to get there by sailing, but a few days a year and for a few hours the tide goes so low, up to 8 meters, that it is possible to get there on foot. It is, saving the distances, the particular Mont Saint Michel of the Isle of Man.

Go to the races

Motorbike racing on the Isle of Man
Motorcycle competition

If you are fond of motorcycles, surely the Isle of Man sounds familiar to you for a special reason. The Isle of Man TT race celebration is a motorcycle event over a century old.

An event that takes place between May and June, bringing together many fans of this sport who want to see one of the most dangerous races in the world.

Enjoy the local gastronomy

To finish with the things that can be done in the Isle of Man we want to give you some idea for the menus. One day it is obligatory to take the most charismatic dish of the local gastronomy: the spuds and herrin or, what is the same, potatoes with herring.

And if you are more of meat, here you should eat the local lamb or loaghtan. Of course, everything is always washed down with good craft beers from this peculiar island that surprises everyone who visits it.

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