The Utter Inn Hotel In Sweden, An Underwater Hotel

The Utter Inn hotel in Sweden, an underwater hotel

The Utter Inn hotel , an artist’s idea

The Utter Inn hotel is located on Lake Mälaren, in the Swedish town of Västeras. It is a project by local artist Mikael Grenberg, who had the ingenious idea of ​​building a small hotel in the middle of the lake.

Hotel Utter Inn
Hotel Utter Inn – Västerås stad /

This astonishing hotel was opened in 2000 and is a small but quaint one-room accommodation  located three meters deep in Lake Mälaren.

Sleeping under water

Floating on the lake is a small hut with reddish tones and Swedish style, in an idyllic setting, with the calm waters of the lake, lush vegetation and the town of Västeras in sight.

The 25 square meter platform is limited by a protective railing and is equipped with some services such as kitchen appliances, dishes and 10 liters of fresh water. The hotel has a dry bathroom and, although it does not have electricity, there is propane heat and energy in the lamps.

Hotel Utter Inn
Hotel Utter Inn –

The surprise comes when, with amazement, we see that the only room also in red, is under water. It is accessed by a staircase and has two beds, a bedside table and large windows on each of its walls from which you can see the characteristic flora and fauna of the lake.

Peace and relaxation

Although for the claustrophobic it can be torture, for lovers of aquatic environments it is truly a pleasure. In addition, the originality of its design allows for magnificent experiences of relaxation and peace, since the visitor has the sensation of separating from the world to immerse himself in a natural environment of the most beautiful.

Vsteras in Sweden
Vasteras – Isabelle Puaut

The only prohibition that those who stay at this peculiar hotel must abide by is that  you cannot fish. But the guest can swim, relax in the sun or enjoy the views. It is even possible to go to a nearby spa with the inflatable raft provided by the hotel, or explore one of the nearby uninhabited islands.

At nightfall, it is a pleasure to go down to the room to observe the flora and fauna of the lake  through its panoramic windows and sleep, effectively, submerged three meters below the water.

How to get

In order to reach this incredible hotel, a taxi boat is boarded, from the port of Västeras, approximately one kilometer away. Once lodged, they hand over the key and the inflatable raft, with which you can move, enter and leave and explore the surrounding islands.

Utter Inn hotel services

The Utter Inn hotel offers two types of stays :  the De Luxe room, where room service and food service are available that are taken by boat, and the Bohéme room, where the guest is responsible for their food and food service. bedroom. The latter is the cheapest.

Hotel Utter Inn
Hotel Utter Inn – Plrk /

At the end of the guest’s stay, the resort is drawn from the water for maintenance  through an amazing engineering process.

The Utter Inn hotel is  open from April to October and is only for two people, making it a very popular option during the summer. As it is a unique hotel in the world, it is in high demand, so it is advisable to book well in advance.

If you love aquatic environments and are looking for a place where you can observe fish and other species, as well as disconnect and get peace and tranquility away from daily stress, the Utter Inn hotel in Sweden is for you. Dare to sleep underwater in this incredible hotel.

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