The Treasures Of Sri Lanka, A Huge And Beautiful Island

The treasures of Sri Lanka, a huge and beautiful island

We are going to discover the treasures of Sri Lanka, that great island that appears to the east of India, in the Bay of Bengal and bathed by the Indian Ocean. An island that was until the middle of the 20th century (1948) a British colony, when it was known as Ceylon and its most emblematic product was tea. But during a trip to Sri Lanka it is discovered that there is much more to see there. It is a fascinating country and here we are going to give you a few reasons.

The beaches of southern Sri Lanka

Sri lanka beach
Sri Lanka – Anton Gvozdikov

In some latitudes of Asia and the Indian Ocean where other countries boast of immense and unforgettable beaches, one can also find them in the case of Sri Lanka. Especially on the southernmost coast of the island. There it is possible to find places like Mirissa, Tangalle or Unawatuna. And it is also interesting to visit the city of Galle, with its colonial airs and its famous lighthouse from the 19th century.

Traveling by train in Sri Lanka

Train in Sri Lanka
Train in Sri Lanka – melis

Taking the local trains is a good idea to get around. These trains themselves are part of its history, since they take us directly to the colonial era, when the country was called Ceylon.

It is unforgivable not to ride these old-time trains and, if you do, there is an unforgettable itinerary, the one that goes from Kandy, a religious city where there are any, to Ella, in the mountains of the Highlands. A journey sometimes between clouds and especially between the famous tea plantations.

Enter the caves of Dambulla

Dambulla Cave in Sri Lanka
Dambulla Cave – John_Walker

These Sri Lankan caves are declared a World Heritage Site. In total there are 5 and its main characteristic is that when we go inside we discover that its entrails are painted and house up to 160 sculptures of Buddha, as well as different gods of Hinduism and also Sinhalese kings. A hidden wonder in a tricky landscape.

The cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa

Like the Dambulla Caves, also the cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are World Heritage Sites. They are two unique cities, two authentic Sri Lankan treasures . But not only are these cities beautiful, so is the path that connects them. Ideal for cycling and thus discovering countless temples, lofty stupas and Buddhist sculptures.

Buddha in Aukana, one of the treasures of Sri Lanka

Buddha sculpture in Aukana, one of Sri Lanka's treasures
Aukana – Khoroshunova Olga

Speaking of Buddhism, it must be said that this is the religion practiced by approximately three-quarters of the population of Sri Lanka. And in particular they are followers of Buddhism of the so-called Theravada school.

Statues of this god of Hindu origin are discovered in any corner of the island. There are many truly fascinating sculptures, but perhaps Aukana’s Buddha sculpture is one of the most spectacular of all. It represents the god with raised hands, as if offering a blessing, something unusual in representations of Buddha.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka
Minneriya National Park – Thomas Dekiere

There are several national parks in Sri Lanka that are concerned with protecting the rich local flora and fauna, one of the most splendid and varied in the entire world. So the traveler can opt for various natural spaces such as Yala Park or Rekawa Beach.

But here we want to invite you to the Minneriya National Park, one of the most fabulous and beautiful treasures of Sri Lanka. There you can do 4 × 4 tours to discover its water buffalo, elephants and even leopards.

Discover the local culture in Kataragama

Also the ancient traditions of Sri Lanka are a tourist attraction of the first order. The best way to enjoy them is by going to one of its colorful festivals.

The festival held in the city of Kataragama stands out. When? Just before the full moon in July. It is the time of Esala Poya, and then everyone takes to the streets to celebrate it. And you, as a traveler, will come to feel like one more, given their extraordinary kindness and sympathy.

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