The Sumidero Canyon In Mexico, Simply Magnificent

The Sumidero Canyon in Mexico, simply magnificent

Those who are thinking of making a getaway to the spectacular country of Mexico should not leave this magnificent territory without having passed through the city of Tuxla Gutiérrez, in the state of Chiapas. There they will have the opportunity to contemplate the Sumidero Canyon, one of the most important natural wonders in the world, nothing more and nothing less than twenty thousand hectares of rock.

Through this canyon an abundant, rich and deep river meanders that transforms this place into a unique place before which the tourist will feel tremendously small. It goes without saying that anyone who enjoys the panorama of the Sumidero Canyon National Park lives a magical experience that is very difficult to forget.

Sumidero Canyon: a natural park formed from rocks

Sumidero Canyon in Mexico
Sumidero Canyon – sunsinger

This beautiful place is so beautiful that it was converted into a national park in 1980. There are a large number of rocks formed by the accumulation of various layers of limestone origin. Some of the walls of this impressive place touch a thousand meters in height.

Rushing down from the cliffs you can see  immense waterfalls, which will be better appreciated if they are visited during the rainy season. In their wake they design very colorful and striking shapes. An example of them is the one known as the “Christmas tree”, with a wide range of greenish tones and springs that fall down the slopes.

Waterfall in the Sumidero Canyon
Christmas Tree Waterfall – Rafael Ramirez Lee

The vegetation of the reserve is made up of pines and holm oaks, among other species. Hidden in the greenery, the conscientious explorer will find the Cave of Colors.

As for its fauna, the crocodiles that can be seen resting between the banks of the streams are very interesting, resting or bathing peacefully. Spider monkeys are very curious, named for the length of their fingers. The grazas and the scavengers vultures also make a stop in this paradise.

The excursion usually ends at the Chicoasén dam, an indisputably admirable feat of engineering.

How to take advantage of the visit

Boat transport, the best option

Sumidero Canyon in Mexico
Sumidero Canyon – DC_Aperture

To enjoy a great tour of the area, the tourist should go to one of the piers prepared for it. There they will be able to mount in one of the small boats that will lead to the interior of the canyon. This 35-kilometer walk can only be done by this means due to the danger of walking through this area.

The itinerary usually takes about two hours and takes the visitor through the mighty and impressive Grijalba River, undoubtedly one of the most important river channels in the country.

Among the thick vegetation and the great body of water, the traveler will come across blocks of rock hundreds of meters high. Vertical panels arise naturally on both banks of the watercourse and will accompany them throughout the journey.

Sumidero Canyon in Mexico
Cliffs, Sumidero Canyon – IsisArJi /

There are many who feel imprisoned and burdened by them. This is due to the fact that the stream becomes extremely narrow. However, we must not allow that feeling to prevent us from enjoying the beauty and magnificence of the waterfalls that will surround us that contrast with the cold blue of the sky.

The more adventurous can do the same route by renting a canoe to row at ease following the current. Either way, on our descent we will discover that this canyon is one of the wonders of the world.


Currently there are five viewpoints that point to the Sumidero Canyon. It is convenient to go through all of them, since from each one you get a unique and particular bird’s-eye view.

Viewpoint in the Sumidero Canyon
Viewpoint in the Sumidero Canyon – Victor Pineda /

They are divided into strategic points along 17 kilometers of path. If we decide to undertake them on foot, we must be sure that we are physically well prepared and that we carry everything we may need with us.

The peculiar names that each of these balconies have received are a tribute to the animals that have this environment as their habitat as well as to the typical flora of the region.

La Ceiba, from which you can see how the river takes on its rare greenish hue, is located between formidable walls full of thick vegetation. But if what catches our attention are the imposing walls, we must go to El Roblar. For its part, La Coyota will hypnotize us with the sensual zigzagging of the flow that is presented under our gaze.

Impressive from the water and from the top of the cliffs that shape it, this is the Sumidero Canyon in Mexico.

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