The Oslo Opera House: Discover A Unique Building

Can you imagine a great opera house where you can run up its rooftops or watch rehearsals from the windows of the building? This is the Oslo Opera House and Ballet.
The Oslo Opera House: discover a unique building

Since its opening, the Oslo Opera and Ballet House has become one of the attractions of the Norwegian capital, and not only because of its outstanding program of shows and events. It is also interesting for its architectural uniqueness, which attracts the eyes of the vast majority of visitors to the city.

An example of contemporary architecture

The so-called Oslo Opera House opened its doors in 2008, following a design by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta. They conceived this curious space and, in addition, they had the collaboration of other renowned artists to create certain elements, from the theater curtains to the characteristic textures of its roof.

The result is the most harmonious and fully integrated into the city and, above all, in the Oslo fjord in front of it, since the building is on the very shores of the North Sea. In a way, that location is what gives it its shape, since the building simulates being a great block that emerges from the icy waters of that sea, almost like an iceberg.

Building facade

Some numbers from the Oslo Opera House

Like icebergs, the Opera and Ballet House has a visible part above the surface and another submerged. On the outside we see a prismatic construction made of marble and large windows that does not seem to house three stages, numerous rooms, workshops, warehouses, dressing rooms, lobby and all the dependencies that the great theaters of the world need.

To get an idea, you have to know that the main auditorium has a capacity of over 1,300 people and its stage is 16 meters below sea level. Meanwhile, its second auditorium can accommodate four hundred attendees. In short, it is a most interesting construction, and also expensive, since it cost more than 500 million euros.

Enter the shows at the Oslo Opera House

Interior of the Oslo Opera House

If the exterior of the Oslo Opera House is very attractive, we have something similar to say about its interior. By the way, it is a theater where there are many nods to tradition, such as the horseshoe shape of the auditorium that is reminiscent of old stages or because oak wood predominates inside.

So it is advisable to do the tourist visits that are programmed inside the building, in addition to being free. What does cost good money is to attend performances at the Oslo Opera House. However, it can be a very gratifying experience to attend one of these shows listening to the great compositions of geniuses such as Verdi or Mozart.

Climb a building

Rooftop of the Oslo Opera House

However, you may not want to make that financial outlay or nothing of interest is scheduled during your stay in Oslo. That does not mean that you do not visit this beautiful building. Come and see it, as it is a very interesting experience.

In its surroundings whenever the weather is good there will be people walking, doing sports or chatting by the sea. In addition, it is possible to approach the large windows of the building and look out to see the rehearsals of the works that are going to be performed.

And, as a differential fact, you will be able to climb the roofs of the building. As you hear! It is possible to climb the rooftops, there are even people who take advantage of its slope to do their sports training.

The experience of climbing is worth it. First because it is free, which in Norway is always interesting. But, also, because it is a space designed by various contemporary artists and it becomes the setting for some outdoor performances.

And if that weren’t enough, the terrace of the Oslo Opera House provides one of the best views of the capital, the fjord and this part of the Norwegian coastline. Safety pin!

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