The Most Unknown Benidorm: Cliffs And Coves

Benidorm is famous for its atmosphere and its skyscrapers. But very close to the city we can find wonderful places, surrounded by nature and that are havens of peace.
The most unknown Benidorm: cliffs and coves

Known as the Spanish Manhattan, it is the second city in the world with the most skyscrapers per square kilometer behind New York. It is also considered the tourist city par excellence in Spain and, therefore, it is the town with the most hotel beds after Madrid and Barcelona. However, today we want to look at the most unknown Benidorm.

Skyscrapers, half a million people who fill the city in summer, crowded beaches, endless parties … Of course, Benidorm does not leave anyone indifferent, whether for better or for worse. However, and oddly enough, just a step away from the city we can find small shelters to enjoy nature and relax.

The most unknown Benidorm: hiking in Serra Gelada

Views from the Cross of Benidorm
Views from the Cross of Benidorm – Jose Javier Martin Espartosa /

Beyond Rincón de Loix, the most unknown and wild Benidorm begins: the Serra Gelada Natural Park, which it shares with the neighboring municipality of L’Alfàs del Pi. In this imposing coastal mountain range you can enjoy some of the highest cliffs in Europe (with falls of more than 300 meters) and secluded coves. And yes, we are talking about Benidorm.

And what can be done there? Most of the people who visit this park take the hiking route that crosses the entire mountain range from the well-known Benidorm Cross to the Albir lighthouse (or vice versa). It’s the best way to enjoy breathtaking views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean from the cliff tops.

If you fancy a more summery plan, don’t worry. In the part of the Serra Gelada that belongs to Benidorm you can find several coves and even some caves for the most explorers. From the Levante beach itself you will see a whole series of posters that lead to the most unknown and wild Benidorm.

Nudist coves 10 minutes from Benidorm

Cala del Tío Ximo in the most unknown Benidorm
Cala del Tío Ximo – Enrique Domingo /

Two of the best known coves are Ti Ximo and l’Almadrava. They are made of pebbles and sand, but with a sandy seabed and little waves. Therefore, they are ideal for water activities. Thus, it is not uncommon to see people there who take their goggles to snorkel or with underwater cameras.

The most surprising thing about these coves is that nudism is practiced there … in Benidorm! Yes, because we are just 10 minutes from the city. It is also a question of semi-virgin coves in which the pines reach the water and in which the sea is full of life. And all this in the capital of tourism. Surely more than one was unaware of this fact.

The most unknown Benidorm: historical heritage

Punta del Cavall
Punta del Cavall

And that’s not all. We can also enjoy the historical heritage in these rugged places. Just before the car park of the coves of Ti Ximo and l’Almadrava, a paved track will take us for a 20-minute walk along the edge of the cliffs of Punta del Cavall.

In this place you will be able to contemplate one of the many defensive towers on the Alicante coast. These were constructions built to guard the coastline and protect themselves from the incursions of pirate ships.

From the tower you will enjoy dizzying views of the Serra Gelada cliffs from a little-known perspective. You will be able to contemplate some islets, the fossil dunes and coves only accessible by boat. In addition, thanks to the information panels, you will learn more about the fauna and flora of the park, which would deserve another section.

Therefore, we invite you to discover that most unknown Benidorm : that of the cliffs and coves. In addition, you can combine party plans, gastronomy and others with those of nature, thanks to the proximity of Serra Gelada. Of course, you will need several days. Willing to organize the getaway?

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