The Most Romantic Neighborhoods In Europe

The most romantic neighborhoods in Europe

Anyone who denies that Europe is romantic… it is because they have never visited it as a couple! Magical cities by day or by night … beautiful places where you can watch the sunset hugging your loved one …. enchanted rivers where you can walk and historical bridges where you can walk hand in hand. Music, food, weather and above all, a lot of love! We have made a list of the most romantic neighborhoods in Europe and we show it to you in this article.

What are the most recommended neighborhoods to enjoy love?

Ideal for the honeymoon, to propose marriage or simply to enjoy the company of our better half … Where can you go in Europe to fulfill all your romantic wishes ? Pay a lot of attention:

1. Paris (France)

It is impossible to choose a single neighborhood in the city of love par excellence ! A delicious café au lait looking at the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Elysées, a beautiful walk along the Seine river or a dinner listening to a passionate serenade in the local language (one of the most sensual there is, of course).

Romantic Pont Neuf in PAris
Pont Neuf, Paris – Rudy Balasko

Watching the sun go down between Pont Neuf and Pont de Sully is truly magical. And not to mention going up to Montmartre for splendid panoramic views of the entire city! For a couple lunch, the Latin Quarter and its literary brasseries between Rue Monge and Mouffetard are really perfect.

2.Venice (Italy)

For many, this charming Italian city was designed specifically for lovers. Of course they are not wrong. The mysterious streets, ancient bridges and beautiful canals are worthy of all kinds of declarations of eternal love.

Romantic Gondola Tour in Venice
Grand Canal, Venice – Iakov Kalinin

In the center of Venice, San Marco Square with its cafes, the Clock Tower and the cathedral seem to encourage us to get married at that very moment. You can even find a street orchestra to make that moment unique! And riding a gondola hugging the love of your life can be an unforgettable experience.

3. Florence (Italy)

Again an Italian city among the most romantic in Europe … not surprising, really. The lands that belonged to the Medici, full of art, history and architecture are perfect to explore as a couple. The streets and squares are not the only beautiful thing to visit in Florence. We recommend the Vecchio and Arno bridges to watch the sunset.

Romantic sunset in Florence
Florence – Sorin Colac

You can enjoy a typical gelato (ice cream) outdoors or go to dinner at the tratories of the Piazzas della Signoria and the Duomo. Are you art lovers? Then do not forget to visit the Galleria dell’accademia, the Duomo and the Battisterio. You will fall in love!

4. Vienna (Austria)

Legends, tales and waltzes … what’s more romantic than that? Also haunted palaces, stories of clandestine passion, emperors in red velvet and lots and lots of culture. Its narrow streets still maintain that medieval air and its squares are several centuries old. A wonderful walk in Vienna is the French gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace.

Romantic Schonbrunn Palace Gardens
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna – Albert Nowicki

Do you want to feel like a prince and a princess, even for a little while? Then tour the Hofburg Palace and experience your own royal history, or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage … with a coachman dressed for the occasion! The evening could end with a beautiful opera or a dinner in its typical taverns while listening to the rhythms of the accordion.

5. Prague (Czech Republic)

If you like winter because it is the excuse to walk cuddled from here to there, you can go to the Czech capital when the first snows begin and the temperatures drop several degrees below zero. That won’t stop you from having a great time!

The Mala Strana district with its famous castle, the alleys and squares of the Old Town and the bridges over the Vltava River are just a few options for exploring Prague in company.

View of prague
Prague – TTstudio

At night we advise you to enjoy a concert in a church or a black theater play. To eat and drink? There are cafes, breweries and restaurants for all tastes. A romantic dinner with all the letters is achieved in elegant establishments like Café de Savoy and Belle Vue, with the castle looming through the windows.

Are you organizing a romantic getaway with your partner? Don’t hesitate to travel to any of these beautiful cities! And long live love!

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