The Most Peculiar Colored Beaches

The most peculiar colored beaches

Incredible colored beaches

1. Kaihalulu (Hawaii)

Kaihalulu Beach
Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii – Marisa Estivill

You can imagine beaches with all possible views, but this beach has a special color that causes surprise to see it, its sands are red, and not by chance, the reason is in the volcanic hill that is right next to it.

The sand is stained red due to the iron of the hill, so the water carries this reddish color to the land of the sea, making it an incredible beach that you would never have imagined.

2. Hyams Beach (Australia)

Hyams Beach
Hyams Beach, Australia – Jonas Smith /

With the beauty of Australia, it is not surprising that there are spectacular beaches that leave the most traveled with the mouth open. In this case we have Hyams Beach, which is known as the beach with the whitest sand in the world.

You may be able to compare it to some white sand beaches on other parts of the world, but this one has the Guinness Record for being so white that it is reminiscent of talcum powder. In addition to its beauty that seems pristine, if you approach sunrise you can admire kangaroos on its white sands and dolphins on its shores.

3. Balos (island of Crete)

Balos beach in Crete
Balos Beach, Crete – Tupungato

The island of Crete also has a beach of a special color, this beach is a soft pink color that invites you to enjoy tranquility and relaxation.

This color is due to the remains of coral stone in the sand, like some other beaches in the Bahamas or some Pacific islands that also show that pinkish color.

4. Punalu Beach (Hawaii)

Punalu Beach in Hawaii
Punalu Beach – Marisa Estivill

Black has always been considered a dark and negative color, not in this case, when Punalu Beach, in Hawaii, shows jet black sands in a totally paradisiacal environment.

This beach has crystal clear waters and a relaxing environment surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees that make it a different and contrasting place unique in the world. In addition, its fauna is abundant, you can see giant tortoises, among other animals, from the same shore.

5. Nogales, La Palma (Spain)

Nogales beach in La Palma
Playa Nogales, La Palma – Marisa Estivill

Nogales beach in Spain is beautiful because its sand has a very particular color, it is gray, to the point that when it gets wet it darkens and approaches black.

A color that owes to the volcanism of the island  and the action of the erosion of the sea and its waves over the years, which turned volcanic rock beaches into beaches of fine sand and in this case, gray.

6. Papakolea (Hawaii)

Papakolea Beach
Papakolea Beach – Pavel Tvrdy

Papakolea Beach in Hawaii broke all the molds when it comes to colored beaches, and it is that this beach is green because of olivine, a common component of Hawaii lava.

Olivine is found in relative abundance on Papakolea Beach, making it one of the strangest beaches in the world while still being beautiful and impressive.

7. Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas)

Pink Sands Beach in Bahamas
Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas – Mike’s Birds 7

This spectacular beach has beautiful pink sands contrasting with palm trees in its surroundings, which offers one of the best views to travelers who visit it.

Its color is due to  the sedimentation of the bright pink shell of marine invertebrates known by the name of foraminifera.

8. Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur (California)

Pfeiffer Beach in the United States
Pfeiffer Beach, United States – Jacqueline Poggi /

This exotic beach has purple sands, which makes it one of the favorite colored beaches of tourists. These sands mix colors and purple hues when moved by the wind and ocean currents, providing a beautiful natural spectacle worth seeing.

The exotic color of the sand on this beach comes from purple manganese granules  from various deposits in the area.

Turn your vacation around and go sunbathing on red sands, lying on black sands and, if you are more exotic, exploring the green sands. These peculiar colored beaches will give you the vacation you deserve.

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