The Most Inspiring Corners Of Thailand

The most inspiring corners of Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on the Asian continent. It has great beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the wonderful seabed. But there is much more: its temples, its markets, its sunsets and the festivities that are offered at night.

Whatever you are looking for, in Thailand you can find it. Do you want some ideas? We are going to show you some of the most suggestive and inspiring corners of this wonderful country.

Chiang Mai: the Rose of Northern Thailand

Temple in Chiagn Mai in Thailand
Chiang Mai – jiraphoto

This, without a doubt, is one of the most impressive corners of Thailand, in fact it is known as “the Rose of the North”.  Chiang Mai is located to the north, 700 kilometers from the city of Bangkok, and is surrounded by impressive natural spaces.

It is an extremely quiet place where, in addition, you can enjoy a good massage, participate in a Thai cooking course or visit one of the spiritual centers that are there.

Chiang Mai is not one of the most touristy centers in Thailand, even though it offers numerous attractions for tourists.

Huay Tung Tao Lake

Huai Tung Tao in Thailand
Huai Tung Tao – Chayaporn Suphavilai

It is a beautiful lake, chosen by the locals to spend their weekends, to rest and recharge. There you can swim, enjoy, relax and sunbathe. This is another of the corners of Thailand that is not very visited by tourism.

The antique market

This is a great place that you can visit on Saturdays from 9 in the morning until tea time. A fantastic place  to visit and buy original souvenirs of your visit and beautiful typical handicrafts of the area.

Wat Palad Temple

Wat Palad in Thailand
Wat Palad – ananaline

This is one of the most curious places in Thailand. It is 7 kilometers from the old city of Chiang Mai, in the middle of the Dou Suthep National Park. It was built in 1383 and its builders chose a curious way to decide the most suitable place to build the temple. Which one? They placed a relic of the Buddha on an elephant, in order for him to point out the appropriate place.

Mae Hong Son: spirituality in Thailand

Temple at Mae Hong in Thailand
Temple in Mae Hong – apiguide

If you want to know another of the impressive corners of Thailand, you should not miss Mae Hong Son. This beautiful place is located in the north of the country and borders Burma. It is surrounded by a wooded mountain range, which gives it a unique charm.

This is a place that you can use as a starting point to visit other impressive corners of Thailand, such  as the city of the “padaungs” or giraffe women. Another site is Chiang Rai, where the magnificent Tribes Museum is located.

Inevitable in the visit must be to visit the temples of the city. These are  unique buildings,  as they are very different from the temples normally found in Thailand.

They have a strong Burmese and Shan influence. Their distinctive feature is that they are brightly colored and strident  and their architecture is extremely peculiar.

Wat Phra That Doi in Thailand
Wat Phra That Doi – naihei

Highly recommended are the temples of Wat Jong Klan and Wat Jong Kham, on the shores of a lake that rises from the Pai River. Another wonderful temple is Wat Phra That Doi, located in the western part, at the top of the hill from where you can take magnificent photos of the city.

Koh Phangan island: a paradise in Thailand

Koh Phangan in Thailand
Koh Phangan – leelook

If you like beautiful beaches and night parties, you should not miss this island. There you can spend some wonderful days sunbathing and bathing in clear and warm waters. If you fancy quiet beaches, the northwest of this island is a perfect place for a quiet family vacation.

And if what you want is a party, don’t forget that this island is the stage where the massive Full Moon Party takes place every month . Although it is really possible to have fun any night, because the atmosphere is more than lively here.

As you can see,  Thailand has attractions for all tastes : for adventurers, for people interested in learning about exotic cultures, for partiers and for families looking for quiet beaches where they can enjoy a good vacation.

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