The Most Impressive Waterfalls In Europe

In Europe there are also fabulous waterfalls. We are going to visit the most impressive ones, and they are not always so because of their height.
The most impressive waterfalls in Europe

When we refer to the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, we are talking about spectacular places, sometimes not so much for their size as for their beauty or because of the emotions they convey. They are jewels spread throughout different parts of the continent, and for whose contemplation it is worth a trip.

There are them for all tastes, and from Norway to Italy, passing through Switzerland, Croatia or Spain. Some are bigger and some are smaller, some thunderous and some simply beautiful. Follow us and we present you the most attractive waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfalls on the Old Continent.

1. Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Rhine falls
Rhine Falls – gevision

Switzerland is a country of beautiful landscapes, but one of the most spectacular is the Rhine Falls. A place perfectly equipped for tourism, since from the entrance through the castle of Luafen there are several spectacular viewpoints. Of course, the most suggestive views are seen at night, when a first-rate light show is projected.

2. Cascades of Europe : Skogafoss, Iceland

Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
Skogafoss – Maridav

In Iceland it is very difficult to choose a single waterfall. For many the most beautiful would be Seljalandsfoss. But we are going to opt here for the Skogafoss, a set of water, rock and vegetation that makes it a wonderful place. Besides being magical, since it is said that whoever touches those icy waters will find what they have been looking for for a long time.

3. Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway
Seven Sisters waterfall – vvvita

Also in Norway you could make a long list of impressive waterfalls. In fact, here are the highest on the continent. However, the Seven Sisters are attractive not only because of their size, but because their seven arms of water descending through the rocks to the fjord make it an unforgettable image.

4. Gavarnie waterfall, France

Gavarnie waterfall
Cascad Gavarnie – Lukasz Janyst

We are going to the south of Europe, to the Pyrenees on its French side. There is the Gavarnie waterfall, whose waters arise in Spain in the Ordesa National Park and end up in French territory after a jump of 423 meters in height. A place that is worth an excursion to, since the reward is one of the most photogenic Pyrenean landscapes.

5. Marmore Waterfall, Italy

Marmore waterfall in Italy
Marmore Waterfall – Lukasz Janyst

We are still in southern Europe but we are going to Italy, where the Nera Fluvial Park in the Umbria region awaits us. There is one of the most unique waterfalls on the continent, among other things because it is of artificial origin. Yes, it was some works from Roman times that originated the triple waterfall of Marmore and today it is already a natural jewel.

6. Valaste Waterfall, Estonia

Valaste waterfall in Estonia
Valaste Waterfall – Aleksey Stemmer

In our tour of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe we are now going near the Baltic, to Estonia. There is the Velaste waterfall, which also has an artificial origin, but much closer in time, since it is the result of works from the 20th century. Of course, this fact does not detract one iota of beauty from this spectacular waterfall on a limestone cliff.

7. Source of the Mundo river, Spain

World River in Albacete
Rio Mundo – Pablo Mendez Rodriguez

It is a spectacular waterfall, but not so much for its size as for its natural beauty. It is the so-called Reventón, in the Spanish province of Albacete and which becomes the source of the Mundo river. The pity may be to visit it on the wrong dates, since with droughts there is little water. On the other hand, in moments of fluvial abundance the image is tremendous.

8. The Ingleton Trail, England

Ingleton Trail in England
Ingleton Trail – Karl Wilson Photography

This proposal consists of several very attractive waterfalls that are visible along The Ingleton trail, in the North Yokshire county of England. It is a walk through the highest area of ​​the Do Valley, a limestone landscape where the water has sculpted waterfalls as beautiful and charming as the one known as Thornto.

9. Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
Plitvice Lakes – Fesus Robert

We finish the journey through the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe by visiting Croatia. This country has become a great tourist destination for its coast and for cities as spectacular as Dubrovnik or Zadar. Well, if you are lucky enough to travel to Croatia, do not hesitate and get closer to see the many waterfalls of Plitvice. This is one of the most beautiful places you can imagine.

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