The Most Impressive Palaces And Mosques In Morocco

The most impressive palaces and mosques in Morocco

Spices, tea, sweets, fabrics and endless attractions is what we imagine when we think of Morocco. Its landscapes and culture attract us, therefore, you will surely love to know the buildings that we are going to visit. Do not forget that Arab architecture is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Proof of this are  these palaces and mosques in Morocco, which do not go unnoticed due to their great beauty.

The best mosques in Morocco

We start by taking a tour of the most beautiful mosques.

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque in Morocco
Hassan II Mosque – saiko3p

Right on the beach and with beige and green colors, it is undoubtedly the most important in the country. Its minaret is not only the highest on the planet at almost 200 meters, but it is also the largest mosque in the world.

The place where it is located is due to a verse from the Koran  that says the following:

Hassan II believed himself worthy of fulfilling this prophecy of the Islamic book and nailed this imposing temple in the same sea. It is one of the few that you can see inside even if you are not Muslim.

Koutobia Mosque in Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech
Koutoubia Mosque – posztos

It is the main one in the city and also the oldest. Hence the limestone color of its stone eroded by time. Despite the fact that its minaret “only” measures 69 meters, it is the highest point in Marrakech.

This has been so important to Moroccans that it is forbidden to build a building or monument taller than him in the city.

Sidi Bouabid Mosque in Tangier

Sidi Bouabid Mosque in Tangier
Sidi Bouabid Mosque – Evannovostro

One of the most unique mosques in Morocco. The color of its minaret does not go unnoticed by anyone, in addition to being the highest point, so it can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Its strategic location, next to the great Tangier souk, makes it a place that many tourists who go to Tangier want to visit. Although unfortunately, it is only a show of color that we can see from the outside.

Mohamed V Mosque in Agadir

Mohammed V Mosque in Agadir
Mohammed V Mosque – Olga_Anourina

This beautiful city is known for its coastline and its beautiful beaches. It is a tourist spot for the most experienced travelers. Agadir has two important Mequitas, but the most outstanding is that of Mohamed V, located in the best-known neighborhood of the city.

Its white facade is colored by pieces of wood that are placed in a colossal way and that adorn it in a majestic way. Another beauty that you can only see from the outside if you are not Muslim.

The most wonderful palaces in Morocco

After an extensive tour of the most impressive mosques in Morocco, let’s now see the palaces that most arouse our interest due to their imposing beauty.

Royal Palace of Fez

Royal Palace of Fez in Morocco
Royal Palace of Fez – By Calin Stan

They say that Fez is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, therefore, how could it be otherwise, its palace is one of the most impressive. Although it is one of its most attractive representatives, visiting the interior is not allowed.

But admiring it only from the outside will undoubtedly be something that will be worth it. Its 15th-century style reveals a mystery of small tiles and impressive bronze doors that you will love. A work of art that you cannot miss.

Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Bahia Palace in Marrakech
Bahia Palace – Apurva Madia

This imposing palace claimed to be the most spectacular in the world and was commissioned by Si Moussa, a sultan with an air of grandeur. Although its architecture and interior and exterior work is impressive, the Alhambra certainly left you no room to approach its majesty.

Unfortunately, although you can see the interior, its state of conservation is not the best, so its beauty cannot be fully enjoyed.

This has been our tour of the most beautiful and majestic palaces and mosques in Morocco. Monuments of a country that does not go unnoticed by travelers. Will it be your next destination?

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