The Most Impressive Dams In The World

These dams are not only fabulous works of engineering, but many of them have become tourist attractions in their own right. Not only their structure is admired, but also the landscapes that surround them.
The most impressive dams in the world

The most impressive dams in the world are marvelous structures the fruit of human ingenuity. They have even become a very attractive tourist scene for many travelers. One of its greatest charms is that in most cases they are located in natural areas of great beauty.

Dams, or dams, are artificially made reservoirs that serve to store water. Another of their great benefits is that they produce electrical energy. They are made of stone, concrete or other materials and are built over rivers or streams to create a barrier or pond.

Some of them have great charm and it is worth taking them into account if we travel close to where they are. These are some of the most impressive dams in the world.

1. Jinping: one of the most impressive dams in the world

Construction of one of the most impressive dams in the world
董 辰 兴 / Wikimedia Commons

In China there is the Jinping-I Dam, located in the Sichuan village, next to the Yalong River. It has a height of 305 meters and a length of 569 meters. The monumental dam was built over seven years and is the tallest in the world.

Apart from being a source of electrical energy, it also controls soil erosion and flooding. Because this is a very seismic territory, this complex structure was also built to protect the population from disasters. Similar dams are planned for the medium and long term in China.

2. Almendra Dam or Villarino Falls

View of the Villarino waterfall
Pitius /

It is a dam located in Spain, at the end of the river Tormes. It has a height of 200 meters and its length is 567 meters. It is considered one of the most impressive dams in the world for the beautiful panorama it offers.

The amazing Almendra Dam was built in a span of six years. It has been much admired for the majesty of its beauty and its technology. Likewise, it has been cataloged as an engineering masterpiece that has served as a model to follow in other countries.

3. Oroville Dam

Aerial view of the Oroville Dam, one of the most impressive dams in the world

The gigantic Oroville Dam is located on the Feather River in California (United States). It is considered one of the most impressive dams in the world due to its dimensions, since its height is 235 meters and it is 2,110 meters long.

One of the benefits generated by this dam is flood prevention. It also allows the supply of electricity, irrigation and the supply of water for consumption. The Oroville Dam is endowed with a considerable supply of industrial water.

4. Dam or reservoir of the Guavio

View of the Guavío reservoir
Philipp Weigell / Wikimedia Commons

The dam or reservoir of the Guavio is also known by the name of Alberto Lleras. It is located in the Eastern Cordillera, in the municipality of Gachalá (Colombia). It is a reservoir that dams water from the Guavio River, but also from the Batatas and Chivor rivers.

The dam is surrounded by mountains and is 390 meters long and 243 meters high. It is one of the most impressive dams in the world for its beautiful landscape, which is full of a varied flora and fauna. It also has a curious and striking architecture.

5. Chicoasén, another of the most impressive dams in the world

Chicoasén Dam
make noise not art /

Also called Manuel Moreno Torres, it is located in the river Grijalva (Mexico). It is 485 meters long and 261 meters high. It is one of the largest dams in North America. Tourism, water sports and fishing are notably encouraged there.

In addition to its natural beauty, it is the most important hydroelectric source in the country. It is adorned with an attractive landscape where you can breathe a lot of tranquility. It is advisable to visit it in the summer, spring and early autumn seasons.

6. San Roque Dam

It is located in Luzon, in the Philippines. The reservoir is considered one of the most important in Asia and one of the largest in the world. The dam was built on the Agno River and is 200 meters high and 1200 meters long.

This dam is very useful because it stores water during periods of rain. The water is collected for the irrigation of agricultural crops and for the supply of electricity. Its importance is that it has a great supply capacity throughout the year, since the Philippines has a very dry climate and territory.

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