The Isle Of Skye And Its Beautiful Fairytale Landscape

Natural pools, fairytale mountains, castles that preserve the history of Scotland and many more charming places is what awaits you on the Isle of Skye.
The Isle of Skye and its beautiful fairytale scenery

The Isle of Skye is the second largest island in all of Scotland. It is an amazing place for the beauty of its landscapes, which has inspired many writers and artists. Going through it is an adventure that will take you to spaces where fairies have left their footprints. Do you want to know more about this island?

This is one of the many islands that make up Scotland. It is located in the west and is the largest of the “Inland Herbids” that make up the Scottish archipelago.

Isle of Skye

It is an island made up of several peninsulas, whose mountainous landscape gives it an appearance of winding roads of great beauty, although with a capricious climate. It is for this reason that, when visiting it, you must be prepared for possible rains.

These spaces are the inspiration of great artists and have appeared in several films or television series. Its mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers and castles are its great attractions, in addition to its capital Portree and its small and picturesque port.

The fairy pool and other natural charms

Among its most important landscapes highlights the Fairy Pool or pool fairies. It is a waterfall that creates small natural pools whose beauty produces ineffable sensations. It is surrounded by mountains, in a valley that recalls the landscapes that appear in old medieval legends about fairies, giants, goblins and kings.

The Isle of Skye Fairy Pool is a major draw.

Another similar space that you will love if you visit is the Fairy Glenn, a place where you can contemplate several mountainous mounds of a vivid green color with lagoons and rivers. This is an enclave where you can enjoy the feeling of being in almost virgin territory with sheep, eagles and other interesting animals.

Likewise, the Cuillin Hills are ancient volcanic slopes, a special place to contemplate different landscapes, as is the Kilt Rock cliff, from where you can have a beautiful view of the coast.

Another alternative is to visit the Old Man of Storr mountains, also highly appreciated by visitors. Its Neist Point lighthouse, also, is one of the most famous in the world and allows you to appreciate an incredible view of the coast.

Portree and the castles of the Isle of Skye

Another attraction of this island are its castles, along with its beautiful little capital, where you can visit its famous fishing port. Upon arriving in Portree, the view of the harbor with its colorful houses and fishing rafts stands out as one of the most interesting postcards of this place.

Its capital has small but cozy streets; You can visit them while visiting craft shops, bars and restaurants until you reach its main square. In addition, you can visit two very important castles, symbols of the island’s history, marked by the presence of two important clans: the Mac Leod and the Mac Donald.

Armadale Castle, located on the Isle of Skye.

Dunvengan Castle is preserved from the first clan, while in relation to the second, you can visit Armadale Castle (image above). Both are very interesting for their architecture and for the beautiful gardens that surround them. In addition, Duvengan Castle has the peculiarity of being the one that has been inhabited for the longest time in all of Europe.

Tips for traveling around this island of Scotland

To travel around the island, it is recommended to use a car; This can be rented in Edinburgh. The entrance to the island can be done through the ferry that is taken by following the Mallaig road to Fort Williams and that goes directly to Armadale, in the south of the island.

It can also be reached via the bridge that connects the island with Scotland, in the town of Kyle of Lochals. It should be taken into account that its roads are narrow and winding, since they are adapted to the orography of the island.

Finally, there are also several lines of public transport. However, it will be the car that allows you a freer mobility and to be able to stop in all the places that this Scottish island has to offer to the visitor.

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