The Island Of Santa Lucia, We Visit A Jewel Of The Caribbean

Saint Lucia is a small island and Caribbean state. A place of heart-stopping landscapes and wonderful beaches that we are going to visit.
The island of Santa Lucia, we visit a jewel of the Caribbean

The island of Santa Lucia seems like a dream come true. If they left you there and told you that you are in paradise, you would have no choice but to believe it. This beautiful Caribbean island state has it all. Have you never heard of him? Well, come with us to learn more about it.

Get to know Saint Lucia

Beach on the island of Santa Lucia
Saint Lucia – Simon Dannhauer

It is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, so it is halfway between Martinique and Saint Vincent, two other tropical jewels that are worth visiting. It is a small island only 27 miles long and 23 miles wide, so you could easily drive around it in an hour or less.

Although its first settlers were British, the battle between the French and the British for this Caribbean beauty did not end until finally, after many fights between them, Great Britain took full control of the island. It was already in 1979 when it granted independence.

Even so, there are traces of French influence, such as the fact that many of its inhabitants speak the language. However, its legal system is based on English common law.

What to see and do on the island of Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is nature in its purest form, an impressive paradise that gives you amazing views. Do you want to know its essential places?


Castries on the island of Saint Lucia
Castries – David Kirsch /

It is the capital of the island and, how could it be otherwise, it is the commercial center of the country. Curiously, perhaps influenced by the great power of the Anglo-American power, the world crisis did not affect the island, although the same cannot be said of the recession that was reflected in a drop in tourism, as expected.

The city was founded in the middle of the 17th century, but there are hardly any old buildings left, as it has been devastated by fire several times. Its port is one of the most important in the eastern Caribbean.


Soufriere on the island of Saint Lucia
Soufriere and Pitons Mountains – J ason B oldero /

As its name shows, this is a city founded by the French and in the beginning it was the capital of the island, although later it was unseated by Castries. This happened when the island of Saint Lucia passed definitively to British hands at the beginning of the 19th century.

In the area there were huge plantations of coffee and other foods that were owned by the French, whose descendants still live in the area.

Rodney bay

Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia
Rodney Bay – Benus C Mathurin

Rodney Bay is very close to the island’s capital. It is peculiar for its horseshoe shape that crowns an artificial peak, although no one would say it. It looks like a completely natural place molded by nature.

One of its greatest attractions is the Splash Island Water Park, as it gives the opportunity to spend a fun and different day on the island, where only nature and its good gastronomy are its main attractions.

Pitons Mountains

Pitons Mountains in Saint Lucia
Pitons Mountains – Jon Fife /

If there is one natural attraction that stands out above the others on the island of Santa Lucia, these are without doubt the Pitons. These mountains were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and are the characteristic symbol of the country’s flag.

This flag, curious where they exist, gives a glimpse of much of the island. Two peaks, one higher in black is the largest mountain, the Gros Piton, and represents the race of this color, the majority on the island. Meanwhile, the yellow one is the smallest mountain, the Petit Piton, and represents the white race, a minority in the country.

Banana plantation

Bananas in Saint Lucia
warthog9 /

The island’s largest banana plantation receives thousands of visits to learn about the cultivation and harvesting of this fruit. Nearby is the rum distillery, a drink that, as in much of the Caribbean, also has a leading role on this island. An entertaining and tasty afternoon awaits you knowing these places …

And if there is something you can enjoy in Santa Lucía, it is cozy hotels with impressive views that will take you to a state of relaxation and peace of mind that you have never known before. Its price is very affordable and will allow you to absorb all the essence of this magnificent jewel of the Caribbean.

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