The Historic Center Of Toledo, One Of The Most Beautiful In Spain

The historic center of Toledo, one of the most beautiful in Spain

The historic center of Toledo is one of the most beautiful in Spain. The city is on a promontory, surrounded by the Tagus River, offering a spectacular picture. In addition, in its center there are more than a hundred monuments. Various artistic styles are present there, which can almost be said to make up a monument of urban planning. 

Toledo, a unique city

We are talking about a city that does not admit of comparison. It has more than 2,000 years of history, being a clear testimony of the encounters between the various cultures that have passed through its streets.

Historic center of Toledo
Toledo – Manuel /

The historic center of Toledo is full of churches and buildings,  civil and religious and of various styles. Thus, Arabic, Mudejar, Romanesque, Gothic or Renaissance are almost sticking with one another. And, what is better, they are part of a monumental ensemble exemplary due to their state of conservation. Unesco, therefore, declared it a World Heritage Site.

In addition, this city is in the central area of ​​Spain. It is located just 70 kilometers from Madrid and the high-speed train connects both cities in just half an hour.

A walk through the historic center of Toledo

Puerta de la Bisagra in the historic center of Toledo
Hinge Gate – Anton_Ivanov

In a short time, one realizes that getting lost in the streets and squares of Toledo is an authentic delight. The best thing is to go through them calmly. Remember that we are facing one of the cities that has one of the largest monumental heritages in Europe. We can see synagogues, mosques, convents, palaces … The list of sites is very long.

Access to the historic center of the city can be done through the various doors. Doors that open in the wall that surrounds the old area. This is the case of the doors of Alcántara, La Bisagra or del Sol.

The cathedral of Toledo

Toledo Cathedral
Cathedral – Eric2x

When visiting the historic center of the city, it is worth seeing the cathedral, which is one of those works of singular beauty where we can spend more time. It stands out for its decoration with Mudejar influences, the highly valuable ironwork, the existing stalls in the choir or the sacristy, among other aspects.

In addition, the cathedral has a painting museum where there are paintings by authors such as El Greco, Rafael, Tiziano or Goya. And we must not forget the Treasury room, where the magnificent gold and silver monstrance that stars in the procession that runs through the city every year at the Corpus Christi festivities is on display. Without a doubt, one of its most outstanding elements.

More about the old town of Toledo

Alcazar of Toledo
Alcazar – Kiev.Victor

There are more charms in the historic center of Toledo.  It is essential to admire  the 9 vaults of the Cristo de la Luz mosque, which derive from the one in Córdoba. We cannot forget either the Santa María la Blanca and El Tránsito synagogues, where the Sephardic Museum is located.

Approaching the fortress that is the Alcázar allows us to see a view of those that are not forgotten from the highest area of ​​the Castilian city. While the church of Santiago del Arrabal is an impressive example of Mudejar art.

We also highlight the Fuensalida Palace, from the early 15th century. Also, don’t miss the Hospital de Tavera, a Renaissance building where paintings by Tiziano, El Greco or Ribera are displayed. And speaking of El Greco, in the Church of Santo Tomé you can admire the famous painting of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.

Discover Toledo

Alcazar of Toledo
Toledo – Matej Kastelic

This is just a review of part of the wealth that the historic center of Toledo has at a monumental level. You can get all the information at the tourist offices or at the Historical Toledo Interpretation Center, in the Church of San Marcos. This visit not only makes it possible to get to know the city, but also the history that surrounds it. So you can make a route adapted to your tastes.

We hope that after this article your desire to visit Toledo has increased. Without a doubt, one of the cities with the highest heritage value not only in Spain, but also in Europe and the world. The mixture of cultures that have left their mark in Toledo deserves to be valued.

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