The City Of Panjin And Spectacular Red Beach

Panjin Red Beach is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world and an almost obligatory stop for lovers of photography and nature.
The city of Panjin and spectacular Red Beach

Red Beach is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Panjin. The city, which enjoys international recognition, is one of the most visited locations by lovers of nature tourism and photography. We want to give you all the information so that you can enjoy this natural setting and the details that make it one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.

Panjin Red Beach

This beach, actually a delta, is located just 30 kilometers southwest of Panjin, in China. The city, which has more than a million inhabitants, is located along the coast and the mouth of the Liao River. It has a length that exceeds 1,300 kilometers and a basin of up to 232,000 kmĀ².

Aerial view of the red beach

The river is characterized not only by its low flow, but by its high percentage of sediments such  as loess. This is a type of mud characteristic of the interior of China formed as a result of the ice caps that occupied the area thousands of years ago. This geological fact resulted in the creation of shoals that are home to a multitude of species of plants and animals.

Red Beach is located within the 600,000 hectare Hekou Shuangtai Nature Reserve. Specifically, this protected area was named in 1988 State Natural Reserve. Therefore, only about 3,500 hectares of the area are open to the public. In this way, one of the most unique landscapes in the world is more safely protected.

Every year, Red Beach receives more than a million tourists, both international and local, especially during the autumn months, which is when the beach wears that striking color. In addition, during other times of the year you can also enjoy the great biodiversity of this protected area.

Curiosities about Panjin Red Beach

Sunset view

The first thing we ask ourselves when visiting the well-known Panjin Red Beach is the reason for its striking coloration. The answer is simple: it is because the ecosystem is ideal for a very special type of algae, known as the marine sargadilla.

In addition, another peculiarity of this type of alga is that it maintains its green color throughout the year until its flowering turns red, coinciding with the arrival of autumn. Specifically, since the beginning of September.

In addition to the aforementioned red algae, more than 236 species of birds inhabit this place, of which 30 are protected as they are in danger of extinction.

Here we can observe from the walk several species of typical lagoon birds, among which the red-crowned cranes and the black-billed terns stand out. This nature reserve is one of the main enclaves for many of the migratory birds on their route between Asia and Australia.

Tips to make the most of your visit

Bloom on the red beach

One of the quickest ways to get to Red Beach is from the country’s capital, Beijing, which is about 400 kilometers away. The easiest route is to travel to the city of Shenyang, from there the beach is less than 100 kilometers north by private vehicle. In addition, the trip on this road offers some impressive landscapes.

The area that can be visited – and in which bathing is not allowed – has a series of wooden walkways. In them there are several observatories from where you can contemplate the birds and other animals in the area. There are ten specific places to stop and enjoy the best panoramic views.

The best time to visit this fabulous space is between the months of May to October, when the algae begin to take on that characteristic red color and gradually change from red to purple. Finally, after flowering, the algae will return to their original green color.

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