The Best Views Of Spain, Enjoy Unforgettable Images

The best views of Spain, enjoy unforgettable images

Spain is a country of wonderful landscapes, charming towns, incredible cities and moments to remember. That is why we want to show you some of the best views of Spain, those that you keep forever in your memory and that star in your best photos.

1. Montefrío, Granada. The best views of Spain

Montefrio, the best views in Spain
Montefrío – David Spencer

It has one of the best views of Spain and the world. And this was confirmed by the National Geographic magazine . Impossible to argue, Montefrío stands on a hill from which infinite fields of olive trees can be seen. Without forgetting that the town itself is beautiful. No matter where you look, it is spectacular.

2. Mirador de San Nicolás, Granada

The Alhambra in Granada from the San Nicolás viewpoint
Alhambra of Granada- emperorcosar

We are still in Granada, but in this case in the capital. If there is a romantic and wonderful image, it is that of the Alhambra from this viewpoint, located in the Albaicín neighborhood. With the Sierra Nevada in the background, they rightly say that one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world can be seen from there.

3. El Fitu viewpoint, Asturias

Mirador del Fitu in Asturias
Mirador del Fitu – Aljndr

The Picos de Europa offer us some of the most incredible views in Spain. They can be admired from many points, but those of this viewpoint, inaugurated in 1927, are special. A watchtower that rises above the ground and allows you to see the greatness of the landscape in 360º. On one side, the mountains, on the other the Cantabrian. Can you ask for more?

4. Alto del Príncipe, Pontevedra

Alto del Príncipe in Galicia
Alto del Principe – Josfor

The Cíes Islands form one of the most unique and beautiful spaces in Galicia. And there is a place from which his image is spectacular, the height of the Prince. But the path that leads to it is no less beautiful. They are 3.5 kilometers that allow you to admire the Rodas beach and the Dunar de Figueiras Complex.

5. Parador de Toledo

Toledo, one of the best views in Spain
Toledo – Sean Pavone

If you think of Toledo and an image comes to mind, it is very possible that it is the view of the city from its Parador. An image that sums up all the beauty of Toledo, with the Tagus at its feet and crowned by the Alcázar. We do not forget, of course, its imposing cathedral. Obviously, you don’t have to settle for seeing the city from afar, you have to get lost in its streets.

6. Mirador del Río, Lanzarote

River viewpoint in Lanzarote
River Viewpoint – Lukasz Janyst

The Canary Islands have fabulous landscapes and many viewpoints to enjoy them, but this one is special for many reasons. It was designed by César Manrique and from it you have lovely views of the Chinijo archipelago, with the island of La Graciosa just in front. And on one side, the spectacular cliffs of the Famara cliff.

7. Cape Formentor, Mallorca

Views of Cape Formentor in Mallorca
Cape Formentor – Nanisimova

A narrow peninsula marks the northernmost point of Mallorca. It is Cape Formentor, in a landscape of steep cliffs that challenge the Mediterranean. And you can see from various viewpoints, not only the image of this piece of the Mallorcan coast, but also some spectacular sunsets.

8. Torre de Collserola, Barcelona

Collserola tower in Barcelona
Collserola Tower – Alberto Zamorano

Spectacular views of Barcelona can be admired from almost anywhere on Tibidabo, but the Torre de Collserola is the highest point in Barcelona. It has 13 floors and on the tenth there is a 360º viewpoint that allows you to contemplate the city and its surroundings. If the day is clear, the view can reach the landscape at no less than 70 kilometers.

9. Viewpoint of La Antigua, Cáceres

Meander Melero, one of the most beautiful views of Spain
Meander Melero – Juanje Perez Photography

The meander of the Melero is one of those whims of nature that surprises and amazes in equal measure. In this corner of the municipality of Riomalo de Abajo the river seems to turn on itself in the middle of a landscape of great beauty. When it comes down with a flow, the image from this viewpoint is one of the most beautiful views of Spain that you can imagine.

10. Mirador de San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Vizcaya

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe – Jon Chica

Who does not recognize this image. It is one of the most famous on the Cantabrian coast. It is so because of the beauty of the environment, because of the unique path that leads to the hermitage on the islet, because of its legends and because it has appeared in series and movies. What better place to close our tour of the best views of Spain than San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

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