The Best Of Poland

The best of Poland

It is one of the nations hardest hit during World War II and communism. However, Poland has managed to recover from the tragedies and move forward. In many cities the medieval air that tourists are so passionate about is still preserved. If we add to that a rich history, fantastic traditions and delicious gastronomy … your passage through Polish lands cannot be less than wonderful.

What to visit in Poland?

Poland is a country located in Eastern Europe that never ceases to amaze us. With a large extension of territory (cities can be connected with intercity buses or night trains) it makes us travel back in time with every step we take. The must-see places on a trip to Poland are:

1. Krakow

Wawel Castle, Krakow – Marcin Krzyzak

Due to its great architectural beauty the Nazis “forgave” it and almost left it intact. The intention was not altruistic at all: they wanted to stay in this beautiful city after the war was over. Therefore the contrast of Krakow with the rest of the country is truly amazing.

The central streets are full of tourists and all kinds of services for foreigners (hotels, restaurants, etc). In a typical stay, do not hesitate to walk through the old town, Wawel Castle (the visit will take you a whole day) and Rynek Glowny Square.

2. Gdansk

Gdansk in Poland
Gdansk – SF

The gateway to the Baltic Sea is elegant and very stately, with its old buildings and colorful facades. It is impossible to be in a bad mood in this place! On your typical walk through Gdansk you will pass through the Wyzynna gate that separates the new from the old. Then you will cross Dluga Street or Royal Route with buildings (many of them churches) really amazing.

3. Poznan

Poznan Square in Poland
Poznan – SF

It is halfway between Krakow and Gdansk. Perfect for a nice stop! It is a less touristy option but no less interesting and beautiful for that. The downside, perhaps, is that it does not have a great infrastructure for visitors and that is seen in the few possibilities of getting affordable accommodation (forget about hostels, here the minimum is a 3-star hotel).

The city of Poznan is closely linked to the business world, but if you go a bit further to the old part you will be able to enjoy Baroque churches and houses of all colors.

4. Auschwitz concentration camp

Auschwitz concentration camp
Auschwitz concentration camp – Sopotnicki

When you are in Krakow you will get tired of seeing people offering guided tours to this place. But you can also opt for public transport to go on your own. The journey lasts 45 minutes and when you arrive at the field you can hire a visit by museum staff.

You can visit two of the four used by the Nazis : Auschwitz I and Auschwitz Birkenau. The first has been remodeled and the second is fairly intact. You can also see the station and the train tracks that cross the fields and that you have surely seen in dozens of movies.

5. Warsaw

Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town – PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

The capital of the country was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, but the good thing is that it preserves its small and beautiful old town where you can walk a little and enjoy the squares, terraces and walls.

The central neighborhood is called Srodmiescie and the most important square is Zamkowy. Nearby is the Palace of Culture and Science, a gift from Stalin.

6. Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszcady Mountains in Poland
Bieszcady Mountains – Nivellen77

For nature lovers this site is beautiful. You can go on excursions through the mountains and get away from the bustle and civilization between really wonderful landscapes and old churches, both Catholic and Orthodox, built in wood.

During the winter it is a place chosen by those who practice skiing. In summer and spring, for those who prefer to dedicate part of their free time to contemplate the native flora and fauna.

7. Czestochowa

Jasna Gora Monastery in Poland
Jasna Gora Monastery – Patryk Kosmider

This town is known for hosting a São Paulo monastery and the sanctuary of the Virgin of Jasna Góra (on Monte Claro). It is neither more nor less than the main point of religious pilgrimages and Marian worship throughout Poland. The Black Madonna of Czestochowa has been the patron saint of the country since 1656.

In each of these places you can take the opportunity to taste the typical dishes, consisting of meat, spices, pasta, cheeses and soups.

Why can’t you believe that Poland has so much to offer? History, culture, religion, architecture and much more are waiting for you. Dont miss the chance!

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