The Best Destinations For Traveling With Pets

When the holidays arrive, it is not necessary to leave the pets with relatives or in a specialized place. You can travel with them, there are destinations where they are welcome.
The best destinations for traveling with pets

Sometimes traveling with pets is not easy. Leaving them with a family member or friend or looking for a hotel for them are the two most common options but… why not take our friend with us? Next, we review five international destinations to travel with pets  and another five proposals in Spain. We are going on a trip?

5 destinations to travel with pets outside of Spain

1. Paris

The French capital is one of the European cities that provides the most facilities for pets. There are many hotels and restaurants that accept your entry. And not only that, but there are countless establishments that also offer special services for them.

2. Amsterdam

Dogs on a bike in Amsterdam

Some of the permits that pets have in Amsterdam are, for example, the entrance to public transport. They can also access some museums and cultural centers in the city.

3. Brussels

In the Belgian capital, pets, especially dogs, are allowed into many of its bars and shops. And also, if at night you want to go for a drink at an establishment, you can go with someone without any problem.

4. Maccarese

Maccarese is a small town near Rome, in Italy. We mention it here because it has the privilege of having the only beach exclusively for dogs in the entire country. Your pet will have a great time there.

5. San Francisco

And finally, we crossed the pond until we reached the city on the North American west coast. San Francisco has 5 beaches where dogs are allowed.  Not only that, it also offers a large number of green spaces throughout the city for them.

5 destinations to travel with pets in Spain

1. Can Mas Albanyá

One of the best options for traveling with pets, especially if they are dogs, is to rent a rural house where they can enjoy the fresh air and run freely through the countryside. This is located about 20 kilometers from Figueras (Girona), in the Pre-Pyrenees area.

Not only will your partner enjoy it, but so will you, as it is an absolutely incredible environment. And the food that you can enjoy there is delicious, totally homemade. What more could you want?

2. Estartit

Dog on the beach

We continue in Girona, but this time we go from the countryside to the beach. In this town there are many establishments that allow pets, both hotels and rural houses.

Not only that, but there is a space for pets on the Platera beach. And also, around there are dozens of small coves and medieval villages where you can enjoy with your furry friend.

3. San Jaume dels Domenys

It is in the Bajo Penedés region, in Tarragona and it is a dream, both for humans and animals. It is located between the coast and the mountains with views of the sea and the vineyards. There you can enjoy nature in its purest form, cava tastings and long walks through the vineyards under the sun in the area.

4. Flamenca Beach

In Orihuela, in the province of Alicante, there is one of the best beaches in the Valencian Community that allows the entry of pets. This beach has been awarded the blue flag, due to the great conservation and quality of its sand. The water is crystal clear and the sand is fine and golden.

In addition, it has a somewhat more sheltered rocky area and the walks along the coast are very well cared for. What else is needed?

5. Belvís de Monroy

In this town in the province of Cáceres there are establishments that allow pets. In addition, the Monfragüe Natural Park is just over half an hour by car from there, a perfect place to enjoy nature in the company of your friend.

Incredible excursions can be made in the area, both on foot and on horseback. And also, here you can visit the medieval castle of Belvís de Monroy, which is worth a visit if you are in the area.

As you can see, traveling with pets does not have to be complicated. There are countless places where you can enjoy yours and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

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