The Best Christmas Markets In Europe

The Christmas markets are a beautiful sample of the traditions of these dates in many corners of Europe, especially in the center and north of the continent.
The best Christmas markets in Europe

When Christmas approaches, what better way than to take a fantastic tour through the spirit of these holidays. Whichever destination you have chosen to spend your holidays in, you will surely find one of the many wonderful Christmas markets in Europe. And, for many, Christmas is not just a time of year, it is a state of mind!

Let yourself be seduced by the Christmas magic of these markets and you will never want to celebrate Christmas again without visiting one of them. It is, without a doubt, one of the traditions that should not be missed.

Put on your best coat, your hat and your gloves. We go shopping in some of the best known and most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. We started!

Christmas markets in Germany

Christmas market in Berlin
Christmas market in Berlin

They are probably the most famous. And surely also the most numerous. Many of its cities dress up these days in their best Christmas clothes to receive thousands of tourists and locals.

A special occasion to get hold of beautiful and original decorations and savor the countless German Christmas sweets, which will delight everyone. A fantastic tour with the smell of honey, cinnamon and mulled wine.

We can mention the flea market in the beautiful medieval town of Erfurt. Or we can go to the Black Forest, to the Gengenbach Christmas market, wonderfully decorated and where we can enjoy its mulled wine. In addition, the façade of its town hall is dressed with a work by a different artist every year.

The Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin is also amazing. The most eclectic German city offers us several Christmas markets, but this is the largest and most spectacular. Be sure to try their hot white chocolate and fried apple.

Switzerland and Tyrol

Christmas market in Basel
Christmas market in Basel

This part of Europe is breathtakingly beautiful at any time of the year, but Christmas is a beautiful time here. Gingerbread, waffles and traditional crafts fill the streets of its Christmas markets. To walk through them is to return to childhood. One of the best in Europe.

The Basel Christmas Market stands out, with its impressive tree, decorated by the artist Johann Wanner. Its Christmas sausages and attractions and activities for children make this market a must visit at Christmas.

Christmas markets in Croatia

The Zagreb flea market has been voted the best Christmas market in Europe for three years in a row. We are greeted by an imposing Christmas tree in Ban Jelacic Square. Its ice skating rink, the living nativity scene, the live music and its fantastic aromas and flavors… And it is open until January 6!

Markets in Austria and Prague

Christmas market in Prague
Flea market in the Old Town of Prague

Some of the best Christmas markets in Europe can be found in three wonderful cities. Austria has two spectacular markets. The one in Graz is most popular for its life-size ice-carved figures. It offers a beautiful light show and one of the best horseback rides.

In Vienna we have the Rathausplatz flea market, with its typical hot punch and its wonderful Christmas music. And Prague displays its finery at the Wenceslas Square flea market, which is filled with classical music and Christmas carols choirs. The decoration of this market is one of the most spectacular in Europe.


Manchester Christmas Market
Manchester Christmas Market – Karl Davison /

We are going to the Atlantic side to visit two of the most attractive Christmas markets in Europe. In Manchester’s Albert Square, the Christmas spirit finds its home. A carefully decorated flea market, with more than 300 stalls, countless ice sculptures, elves, skates and even a steam train.

London also has many Christmas markets. But the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park stands out. A whole Christmas theme park that will delight children and not so children. Live shows, skating rinks and fairytale characters await us there.

Christmas in French

French-speaking countries also have wonderful Christmas markets. Impressive are the Mail Branly in Paris and the Notre Dame, where you can buy beautiful Christmas decorations created by artists from the area. And do not forget the markets of the Alsace region.

In Brussels the must-see is the Winter Wonders ; With magnificent choirs and dances, it is the most important celebration of the year in this beautiful city. Like Bruges, in Belgium, the Christmas market inspired by Andersen’s tales.

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