The Best Bike Tours In Spain

Touring Spain by bicycle is an excellent way to enjoy its landscapes and its towns and cities. We are going to know some routes.
The best bike tours in Spain

Spain has a great diversity of landscapes, cultures and environments. To travel the country is to discover environments with a special and unique charm. For bicycle lovers, there are countless routes that allow you to get to know every corner of Spain. We are going to discover some of the best bike tours in Spain that you can take.

The best bike tours in Spain

The Camino de Santiago and the provinces of Andalusia offer a large number of routes for cyclists.  We are going to look at them to offer you some of the most incredible bicycle tours in Spain.

Cyclists on the mountain
Antranias /

Using this means of transport is not only healthy, but it is one of the best ways to go sightseeing. Rivers, mountains, monuments … but, above all, a lot of charm. And in addition, you will meet people and you will soak up the culture, history and gastronomy of each place you visit.

Next, we explain different bike tours in Spain. These are multi-day tours, in which you can make stops in very interesting towns and cities. We begin.

Through Andalusian lands: from Córdoba to Granada

Any route through Andalusia will reveal monuments, olive groves and wonderful villages. These tours offer the possibility of visiting the paths that were followed by the Romans, Arabs and Visigoths. Andalusian history and culture are fascinating, as are its landscapes, which you can enjoy calmly.

Cyclists in Córdoba
Cordoba – Oleskaus /

The route begins in the city of Córdoba, exploring its streets, neighborhoods and monuments. Of course, you will have to park your bicycle to discover two of its great treasures: the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

After visiting the city, you have to pedal to head towards the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. There, we must visit Zuheros, Luque, Priego and Montilla, where we can see olive groves, Arab castles and incredible palaces from the 17th and 18th centuries.

We will continue through beautiful landscapes on our way to Granada. And we will also pass through towns of enormous beauty, such as Montefrío. In addition, we will cross the Cubillas reservoir.

Thus, we will arrive in Granada. There it is essential to visit the Albaicín neighborhood and visit the Alhambra. We also recommend visiting some of the viewpoints in Granada. The most famous is that of San Nicolás, before it opens one of the best views of the city: the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada.

And if you still feel like it, you can extend the route to enjoy the beauty of the Alpujarra landscapes, with wonderful towns such as Órgiva, Pampaneira or Trevélez.

The Camino de Santiago from León

The Camino de Santiago is one of the best known pilgrimages in the world and one of the best bicycle tours in Spain. In this way, we will cross some of the most beautiful valleys in Castilla y León to take us to the wonderful Galician mountain. Both areas have great differences that are reflected in their incredible people and nature.

Camino de Santiago, one of the cycling routes in Spain
Camino de Santiago – Tono Balaguer

On this bike route of approximately 250 kilometers, various stops and activities stand out. Of course, a stop is mandatory to admire the Cathedral of León. You also have to try the typical gastronomy of El Bierzo and celebrate the arrival at the Cathedral of Santiago.

We will start this trip in León, where we will visit the historic center, the cathedral and cover in the Barrio Húmedo, to head towards Astorga. In this city we will stop to visit the Episcopal Palace of Gaudí and we will cross the mountains towards Ponferrada, where it is mandatory to visit the castle of the Templars.

Then you have to pedal to Villafranca del Bierzo and from there go to Galicia, passing through the town of Samos to visit the San Julián monastery and continue to Monforte de Lemos. Here we will pedal through green forests and incredible villages until we reach the town of Arzúa.

We will leave Arzúa behind to head towards Santiago, it is the hardest journey: to get to Santiago. In this way, we will pass through Lavacolla and Mount Gozo to reach the Galician city, contemplate its cathedral and celebrate the end of the route.

Another option is to continue a little further, to Finisterre, to contemplate one of the wildest and most incredible Spanish coastal areas you can imagine.
The Camino del Cid by bicycle

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