The Best Beaches Of Cabo De Gata In Almería

Cabo de Gata is an unspoiled paradise in southern Spain. And in it wonderful beaches are hidden that we are going to visit.
The best beaches of Cabo de Gata in Almería

Cabo de Gata is a natural reserve located in the province of Almería, in Andalusia. Its beaches are wild, since its designation of reserve and natural park prevents them from being urbanized. So it is easy to imagine its enormous beauty. To give you an idea, we are going to show you the best beaches in Cabo de Gata, an enclave that will make you fall in love. 

The beaches of Cabo de Gata , a Mediterranean paradise

Nobody knows its beaches better than the people of Almeria, especially those of this paradisiacal place. We have made a tour of all of them and we have compiled data on the best coves and beaches of Cabo de Gata.

1. The Beach

The Beach in Cabo de Gata
El Playazo – Juan Mercader /

We have decided to place it first on the list due to the spectacular erosion of its rocks. When you arrive at this place and observe the rocky prominences of white color that rise above the sea, your breath will stop.

If you add to this the intense blue of its waters and the sound of it hitting the rocks, the landscape becomes idyllic. One of the special characteristics that differentiates it from other beaches in Cabo de Gata is its fine golden sand, as well as the presence of an old fortress, the San Ramón battery.

2. Los Genoveses Beach

Los Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata
Los Genoveses Beach – Juan Mercader /

Of the beaches of Cabo de Gata, it is the best known and one of the most beautiful. A beach that covers a beautiful bay, which has golden sands and is surrounded by dunes. A postcard place to enjoy a few hours away from everything else.

It is an ideal beach to go with children, since the water gradually reaches depth, although you have to pay attention to the currents. If there is some wind, it is also perfect for widsurfing .

3. Black

Beaches of Cabo de Gata: Las Negras
Las Negras beach – horrapics /

A charming beach with a bohemian air where you can see boats on the sand. A sand with which small volcanic rocks are mixed. It is a wide beach with crystal clear waters, although you have to be careful with the currents.

Further from the urban area of ​​the Las Negras district you can find nudist areas, specifically the coves La Polancra and San Pedro. Of course, access is quite complicated by a dirt road, then it is necessary to walk for a while and go down a small ravine to the beach.

4. Mónsul Beach

Mónsul Beach
Mónsul Beach – Karel Gallas

It is one of the most famous beaches in Cabo de Gata. If there is something that attracts the attention of this place, it is the mixture of the turquoise of its waters with the intense ocher of its rocks and the channel marked by its fine sand like that of the desert. Those rocks are sure to catch your eye, they are actually lava tongues molded and sculpted by erosion.

And, if you think this beach sounds familiar to you, despite not having visited it, you are surely right, because it is a very cinematic place. For example, scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were shot here 

5. Los Muertos Beach

Los Muertos Beach in Cabo de Gata
Los Muertos Beach – José Fernando Melero /

It is a beautiful beach over a kilometer long where the intense blue of its waters will take your breath away. Reaching it is difficult, since you have to go down a somewhat steep path.

You also have to be very careful in it, if there is wind, the waves can complicate the exit of the water a lot and, in addition, when entering the unevenness it is important.

6. San Miguel beach

San Miguel beach in Cabo de Gata
San Miguel beach – CARME /

An urban beach with good services, white sand and turquoise waters that create a most idyllic and paradisiacal landscape. A long beach, two and a half kilometers long to enjoy the sun and the sea. At the end of this is the famous viewpoint of Cabo de Gata and the lighthouse, essential to take a souvenir photo in this place.

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