The Best Asturian Dishes: The Most Traditional Cuisine

Forceful and delicious, Asturian gastronomy is a delight for the palate. We are going to know some of its most famous dishes.
The best Asturian dishes: the most traditional cuisine

The north of Spain is known for its natural landscapes, its wide range of hotels and accommodation and, above all, for its delicious cuisine. In it, Asturian dishes stand out for combining tradition with flavor. Come with us to try some of them.

The best known Asturian dishes

1. The fabada

Fabada, one of the most famous Asturian dishes

It is the first thing that surely comes to mind when we hear about Asturian dishes. Fabada is the star of Asturian gastronomy, because its preparation is traditional, elaborate but very tasty.

One of its secrets is ‘les fabes’, large Jewish benches that can only be found in Asturias. It is a filling meal that is eaten as a single dish, since it has everything the body needs, or we could say even more.

2. Chorizo ​​with cider

Chorizo ​​with cider
Sarmale / Olga –

Another of the protagonists is Asturian chorizo, as well as cider. Can you think of a better idea than mixing them on a plate? It is a simple but delicious dish that consists of a well-marinated chorizo ​​that is then cooked in a mixture of cider and water.

Accompanying it with a glass of the most famous Asturian drink will be the icing on the cake to this unique mix. And don’t forget the bread because sucking on your fingers alone will not be enough !

3. Cachopo

Cachopo, Asturian dish

Many of you may not have known this dish until a famous cooking television show made it visible to the world. The cachopo is a giant dish,  which is rarely able to be eaten by just one person.

It is meat of the best quality that is crushed so that it is thin and is stuffed with Iberian ham and Manchego cheese. Then it is closed with another thin layer of meat, breaded and fried. The secret is that it is golden and crispy on the outside but well cooked on the inside.

4. Scorpion cake

Scorpionfish cake
Hotel Gastronomico Casa Rosalia /

Surely, as we progress through the list and we name dishes for you, you will remember them… Yes, the scorpion cake is another of the kings of Asturian cuisine. This fish is a delicatessen with which sensational dishes like this are made. It is taken as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

The pixin

Javier Lastras /

Have you never heard of the pixin? Sure it does, but with its most common name: monkfish. It is one of the fish that is most used in Asturian dishes and you can eat it cooked in any way : fried, cider, stewed or baked. Whichever option you choose, it will be a delicious delicacy that will leave an indelible flavor on your palate.

Asturian pot

Asturian pot
Javier Lastras /

Asturian dishes are traditional, as the fabada well demonstrated. But not happy with it, in the Principality there is another very traditional stew known as the pot. It is made with collards and vegetables, although it also contains meat and legumes. Everything will depend on whether you prefer the pot or the fabada.

Rice pudding

Yes, this dessert is believed to be typical of Spain in general, but the truth is that it has been made in Asturias for hundreds of years and in its lands you can eat the best you have ever tasted. Do not forget to ask for it every time you have the opportunity because you will not take it the same anywhere else in the world.

And of course … the cider

Asturian cider
Soloviov Vadym

We already know that this is not one of the Asturian dishes, but it is impossible to talk about Asturian gastronomy and not mention its most typical drink, cider. It is not only tradition, it is culture, it is knowing more about the land and above all it is a show.

Watching this delicious apple juice pour is a spectacle. Try it, but yes, although a priori it seems that it has no effect, be careful because it hooks and, when you realize it, you have drunk more than you thought and almost without realizing it.

These are the Asturian dishes that you cannot stop trying on your trip to Asturias, and if it was not a place that was in your plans as the next destination, we recommend that you put it on your list.

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