The Bernabéu And The Metropolitano, Stops For Football Fans

The Santiago Bernabéu and the Metropolitano are the stadiums of the two great Madrid teams: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. We are going to visit them.
The Bernabéu and the Metropolitano, stops for football fans

Madrid is known for its love of soccer and for having two of the best teams in the country: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. Therefore, on a visit to the Spanish capital, the Santiago Bernabéu and the Metropolitano are two essential stops for all football lovers.  Even for those who are not, a photo is unavoidable.

So that you understand why we say this, we want to tell you about both stadiums and get you a little closer to their history and their meaning. Who knows, you may want to visit them whether you like football or not. Do you accept the challenge?

El Metropolitano: the Atlético de Madrid stadium

Metropolitan Stadium
Metropolitan Stadium – Anton_Ivanov /

Let’s start with the newest, the Atlético de Madrid field. This stadium, located in the San Blas neighborhood, has a capacity for 67,829 spectators in stands on three levels that form a ring of three rows.

Not long ago it was the official stadium of Atlético de Madrid, since it was inaugurated as such in 2017, in the game that the team played against Málaga and won by 1 to 0. With this, the one that had been home A mattress for decades, the Vicente Calderón stadium would forever go down in the club’s history.

A stadium with its own history

The original stadium known as l a Peineta, is already some  years old .  It was a design by the architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ruiz, and it turned out to be the winner of the Ciudad Deportiva competition of the Community of Madrid. Later, it was entrusted to the city council to use it as the city’s Sports Palace.

Metropolitan Stadium
Metropolitan Stadium – Anton_Ivanov /

It was the venue chosen to present it as the Olympic stadium in the candidacies for the 2012, 2016 and 2020 games, but Madrid failed to be the Olympic venue. This made the city decide to make improvements and an expansion to the stadium. Some time later it was decided that Atlético de Madrid would take advantage of the facilities.

Although its great rival, Real Madrid has more followers, the truth is that the Metropolitano is worth seeing  and should be a stop in the city if you like football, regardless of the team you are. Its architecture as well as the exhibition of trophies and original objects of the leagues, make it an incredible soccer museum.

The Santiago Bernabéu: the temple of Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu
Santiago Bernabeu – Jose Campos Rojas /

The stadium of one of the most famous football teams in the world, together with Barcelona, has become an icon of the city.  It was inaugurated in 1947 and, after successive extensions, today it has a capacity for more than 81,000 spectators.

A stadium that has witnessed great victories and celebrations for Real Madrid, but also important competitions, including matches at the 1982 World Cup or the finals of the European Cup.

The visit to the Bernabéu

If you are not satisfied with seeing it from the outside, do not hesitate to visit it from the inside. You can visit the stands, the changing rooms, the press room and step on the grass. Thus, your imagination can make you feel almost as if you were experiencing a classic in the first person.

Real Madrid trophies
Trophies – Rogelio /

Inside you can also tour the museum, seeing objects and personal clothing of some of the most famous players who have passed through the team, as well as the cups won over time.

If you are a fan of Real Madrid, the visit will be like a pilgrimage for you. And, even if you are very fond of football, you will also enjoy the tour a lot, which is made very enjoyable thanks to photographs, documents and details that in some cases will surprise you.

Undoubtedly, these two stadiums, the Metropolitano and the Bernabéu, must be added to the list of attractions to see in Madrid, as they have become two emblematic places in the city. Without them, Madrid would not be the same, which is why it is worth taking a tour of them.

Map of Madrid: the main points of interest

Lead Photography – David Herraez Calzada /

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