The 9 Most Curious Airports In The World

The 9 most curious airports in the world

A pinch of risk and a lot of piloting expertise, shared and unsuspected locations, great show business, etc, when we talk about curious airports, the reasons for applying such a qualifier can be very varied. Here is a list of what can be considered some of the most curious airports in the world.

Amazing airports

1. Kansai Airport, Osaka

A great airport for Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. And given the lack of space, the only option was to create an artificial island.

Osaka airport
Kansai Airport, Osaka – cowardlion

A true work of art, architecture and engineering, created by one of the most daring artistic couples of the past 20th century, the Italian architect Renzo Piano and the Irish engineer Peter Rice, authors of works such as the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris.

2. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island

Once a mammoth work and now the shortest commercial aircraft runway on the planet, just 400 meters long.

Saba Island Airport
Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island – Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

For the most experienced pilots, this is a challenge to stop their aircraft on the runway on the Caribbean island of Saba. But in addition to worrying about stopping in time, they cannot be confused at all, since there are hills and a cliff on the sides. And still, so far there have been no accidents.

3. Funafuti Airport, Tuvalu

We are talking about an international airport in the small Polynesian country of Tuvalu. We all know that in those paradise lands things work at a different pace. In fact, this airport is not full time. And in reality, the vast majority of days it is a good place to play soccer or sports, since on both sides of its track is the capital of Tuvalu.

4. O’Hare Airport, Chicago

O'Hare Airport in Chicago
O’Hare Airport, Chicago – Thomas Barrat

Large airports have three, four, and up to five passenger terminals, while planes take off and land on one, two, or three runways. Not so it is at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. There they have no more and no less than seven runways. The traffic of any major airport is always a real challenge, but in this case it can be crazy.

5. Gibraltar airport

Gibraltar airport
Gibraltar Airport – Artur Bogacki

The peculiarity of the Gibraltarian airport is that the asphalt of its runway intersects with one of the main avenues of the British colony, in fact you have to stop the traffic on that avenue when a plane is about to land. And the fact is that the small dimensions of the place and its rugged orography make it almost impossible to fit an airport.

6. Piney Pinecreek, Minnesota Airport

It was originally an American airport, but when undertaking its expansion, it was necessary to choose to enlarge it towards the north. That is to say, that part of the airport today is on Canadian soil, and therefore the expression international airport here is more accurate than anywhere else.

7. Princess Juliana Airport, San Martín

Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin
Princess Juliana Airport, San Martín Island – alljengi /

A classic of curious airports is this one on the Caribbean island of San Martín. If you want to fly to a place with a beach, this is the best. As soon as you disembark you find yourself one with the sand and the waters of the Caribbean. There is no beach in the world like this, where from the deck chair one can see so closely the landing gear of large ships.

8. Eoligarry Airport, Barra

Eoligarry Airport in Barra
Eoligarry Airport, Barra – Colin Moss /

We have talked about several airports on islands and very close to beaches. Well, we continue with one in Scotland, on the Isle of Barra. The only one on the planet with regular daily flights that land and take off on the beach itself.

Here, in addition to being aware of the wind direction and certain climatic conditions typical of airports, they are also attentive to the tides, paradoxically capable of disrupting air traffic to Glasgow.

9. Castellón Airport

Just one  example of the proliferation of sometimes unnecessary airports, which are justified by saying that these infrastructures can be built for people, even if there are not many planes landing there. Authentic ghost airports.

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