The 5 Best Motorhome Trips In The World

The 5 best motorhome trips in the world

Traveling in a motorhome around the world is synonymous with freedom. It goes like the snail, with the house on its back. You do not move fast, but you go where you want, and sooner or later you arrive, without worrying about looking for accommodation or other complications, because you get as far as you want, sometimes inhospitable places where you can spend the night, enjoying some places that you would hardly contemplate from another way. In short, it is a unique way of traveling.

Where to travel by motorhome ?

We are going to present you a list with the five best destinations to travel by motorhome. All of them are beautiful places, but they also have a long tradition in this type of tourism, so they have the best infrastructures for this type of vehicle.

And also, it is very easy to find other similar travelers with whom to share experiences. Because that is another of the charms of traveling by motorhome, the possibility of meeting people with tastes very similar to yours.

1. United States

Route 66
Route 66, United States -trekandshoot /

This is one of the mythical trips for any motorhome lover. Being such a large country, we have to consider routes according to our available time. So we are going to give you a couple of ideas to inspire you in your itinerary.

Without a doubt, the most classic may be Route 66, which connects Chicago with Los Angeles. On this route there is a mandatory stop at the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. In fact, whoever wants to enjoy unique landscapes can also take the path that connects the National Parks of the West Coast.

2. Iceland

Ring Road - VanderWolf Images
Ring Road, Iceland – VanderWolf Images

Iceland has become in recent years a preferred destination for travelers, especially for its wild landscapes. Well, a great idea to explore these lands is to rent a motorhome and travel along Highway 1, which bypasses the entire country.

In this way, its volcanoes, its lakes or its incredible waterfalls will be a step away. And all this with the enormous advantage of being able to enjoy nights in the open air, in the places prepared for the overnight stays of this type of vehicle, very common on the great ice island of the North Atlantic.

3. New Zealand

Miter Peak in New Zealand
Miter Peak, New Zealand – Filip Fuxa

New Zealand is another one of those places in the world where large spaces and sublime landscapes are the main reason for a trip. And whenever these conditions are met, the option of discovering them during a motorhome trip is the ideal one.

Nature in New Zealand offers us any type of landscape worth admiring. Large forests on the slopes of mountains whose peaks always have snow, also volcanoes, areas of almost virgin beaches … Movie and legendary scenarios, in fact to get an idea of ​​what awaits us in New Zealand, the best thing is to see the saga from The Lord of the Rings , filmed in its entirety there.

4. Canada

Moraine Lake in Canada
Moraine Lake, Canada – Bjoern Alberts

As with its neighboring United States, Canada can also be an unforgettable motorhome trip, given the vast expanses of this other great North American territory full of lakes, mountains, great rivers and infinite forests.

The tradition of touring these places by motorhome has decades, and for that reason there are plenty of spaces enabled for this type of travelers and their large vehicles, which are sometimes true mobile homes. These rest areas and parking for motorhomes abound throughout the country, from its east coast to the Pacific. And even more so if we opt for the most spectacular routes that run through the mythical roads of the Rocky Mountains.

5. Spain

Campo de Criptana on the Don Quixote route
Campo de Criptana, Spain – Tatyana Vyc

Spain can also be a fantastic destination to explore in a comfortable motorhome. Whether along the coast or inland, more and more motorhomes are seen on Spanish roads. A type of tourism on the rise in recent times, practiced by both foreigners and Spaniards. Which in many cases are discovering their own country in a different way, reaching places that until recently were unaware that they existed.

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