The 3 Most Beautiful Towns In Spain

The 3 most beautiful towns in Spain

Spain is not only characterized by its modern and historical cities, but also by having picturesque corners. Beautiful towns that stand out for their historical heritage and roots. 

Next we are going to show you three of the most beautiful towns in this beautiful country. In this way you will be able to appreciate the genuineness of its natural landscapes, architecture and culture.

1. Cudillero, Asturias

Cudillero is an Asturian town that has incredible charm despite having  a population of just a thousand inhabitants. It has an important fishing port, whose appeal in summer is unmatched. From it you can see its beautiful colored houses.

Cudillero, Asturias – Botond Horvath

It is highly recommended to walk through its streets and trails  to enjoy the experience to the fullest. What can you visit and what can you do in Cudillero? We tell you:

  • Visit the Quinta de Selgas. It is an imposing and luxurious palace from the 19th century. In its decoration it has paintings by Goya. It also has beautiful and extensive gardens.
  • Get to know the Church of San Pedro. It is in the Gothic style and was built in the 16th century. It has recently undergone a restoration process.
  • From June 29 to July 1 the festivities of San Pedro are celebrated. These highlight the cultural nuances of the town. One of its most outstanding activities is the moment when a sailor gets on a boat and speaks in the local dialect. From the boat he tells the relevant events of the year.

2. Ronda, Malaga

It is a town that is located in the middle of the mountains, northwest of the province of Malaga. A beautiful town built on a huge and impressive cliff.  This spectacular panorama makes it one of the most attractive towns in Spain.

Ronda, Malaga – K. Roy Zerloch

It is not only relevant for its image, this magnificent Andalusian corner has important historical-cultural nuances, thanks to the influence of the Muslim population that was consolidated in the region.

Ronda and its surroundings offer endless attractions. We are going to highlight just a few:

  • The Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. A place  c uya natural richness encompasses variety of animal and plant species. Some are the mountain goat and the mountain fir.
  • Their museums. Obligatory visits are  the Municipal Museum of Ronda, which is located in the Palacio de Mondragón; the Lara Museum, which is located in the old palace-house of the Counts of the Conquest of the Banates Islands; or the Ronda Wine Museum.
  • Bullring. Regardless of whether you like this show or not, the square is a beautiful building that is worth seeing. It is one of the oldest arenas in Spain.
  • Don’t forget to visit San Francisco. From this neighborhood you can see the Almocábar gate and in it you will find the Arab wall, which previously surrounded this beautiful town and which reaches the Arab bridge.

3. Besalú, Girona

This is a municipality of La Garrocha, located 150 meters above sea level in the Catalan province of Girona.  Its streets, stones and architecture make walking through it a magical experience. A walk that will allow you a view of the past, specifically the Middle Ages.

Besalú, Girona – Iakov Filimonov

Besalú is a wonderful town with charming corners. These are some:

  • Portal dels Horts. It is the best preserved construction of the 14th century wall. If you follow it, you will reach the Hospital de Sant Julià, today converted into a cultural center.
  • The archaeological zone of Besalú. This is the place where remains dating from Roman and medieval times were found. In addition, it presents evidence of the occupation of the town since the 6th century.
  • In the Jewish quarter you will find another cultural nuance.  Here you can see the old synagogue, dating from the 13th century, as well as the Jewish square.

They are three completely different towns that show the great richness and cultural and architectural variety of Spain. Small towns but full of charm.

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