Terres Dels Alforins, Valencian Tuscany

Good wine, excellent landscapes for walking or cycling, towns with history and art, the most tasty gastronomy and good people. Those are the great claims of Terres dels Alforins in Valencia.
Terres dels Alforins, Valencian Tuscany

Terres dels Alforins is a group of Valencian wineries that not only dedicate themselves to disseminating the quality of the wines they produce, they also want to promote tourism in this area. Thus, they disseminate the beauties of their landscapes, the charms of their towns and the flavor of their gastronomy. And to give us an idea of ​​what awaits us there, they compare the area with Italian Tuscany.

Where are the Terres dels Alforins

The Terres de Alforins area occupies the municipalities of La Font de la Figuera, Moixent and Fontanars del Alforins. Or what is the same, it is a territory located between the regions of La Costera and Vall d’Albaida, almost bordering on the lands of Castilla-La Mancha.

Vineyard field

Comparison with Tuscany

The comparison with Tuscany is recurrent in many tourist slogans, not only in Spain, but in Europe and in the world. It is from places like the Teruel region of Matarraña to the Istrian peninsula in Croatia.

Why? Because that area of ​​Italy is really very attractive for its gentle landscapes, its crops, its villages and its excellent gastronomy. And of all that we will find a lot and good in Terres dels Alforins.

The wineries of Terres dels Alforins

In this territory there are up to 4000 hectares of vineyards that supply 11 different wineries. These wineries are Vinos de La Viña, Los Frailes, Daniel Belda, Celler del Roure, Los Pinos, Sant Pere, Bodegas Arráez, Clos Cor Ví, Rafael Cambra, Bodegas Enguera and Heretat de Taverner. Some are larger and others are smaller, but all of them are determined to get the best product from their land and spread its benefits.

It goes without saying that all of them are wine producers with PDO Valencia. That is, Denomination of Protected Origin of Valencia. So for that reason alone, to visit these fields and the different wineries, it is worth going to Terres dels Alforins, where wine tourism is booming, as in other wine regions such as La Rioja or Ribera del Duero. .

Winery in Terres del Alforins

The villages of Terres dels Alforins

But in addition to the wineries, you also have to take a quiet walk through the towns that make up this peculiar tourist proposal: Font de la Figuera, Moixent and Fontanars dels Alforins. We will start with the latter.

1. Fontanars del Alforins

If we visit this town we find ourselves in an area of ​​relative altitude, taking into account the conditions of the Valencian landscape. It is an inland area of ​​the Vall d’Albaida, so it is a good landscape for long walks. And even if you visit it, don’t forget your mountain bike to pedal up and down these hills full of vineyards.

Fontanar del Alforins

2. Moixent

It is also part of the Terres dels Alforins, but it is already integrated into the La Costera region. It is a place where you cannot miss a visit to its Iberian site of Bastida de les Alcusses. And as it happens in all this area, our recommendation is to go for a walk and contemplate a Mediterranean landscape par excellence where the vine is accompanied by olive and almond trees.

3. La Font de la Figuera

And the third of the nuclei to visit in Terres dels Alforins is the Font de la Figuera. There the parish church of the Nativity stands out, a temple that has an altarpiece made by Juan de Juanes. We are talking about the great master of the Renaissance in Valencia and whose works hang in his hometown, in other temples in Spain and in different museums, including the Prado in Madrid.

In short, there is much to see in this corner of the interior of the province. Much to see and also much to savor to accompany local wines. For example, it is typical to pair them with game meats and with the excellent baked rice in the area. Exquisite and all very sensory.

For these reasons, this region is compared to a region like Tuscany, although there are those who link it with the French area of ​​Provence. Despite this, there is no doubt that the Terres dels Alforins have their own personality.

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