Take A Long Trip To North Cape And Finland

One way to admire all the beauty of the north of the European continent is to combine a visit to the North Cape with a short tour of Lapland.
Take a long trip to North Cape and Finland

North Cape is a mythical place. One of those places that any traveler wants to know in person. It is the place where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet those of the Arctic. A point of the magical planet, where for more than two months, between May and July, the sun does not set. The goal of any trip to Norway and that we propose to complete by visiting Finland.

What awaits us in North Cape

As we have already said, North Cape, or Nordkapp, is in Norway. It is a wide plateau raised on cliffs and facing the North Pole, from which only water and ice separate us.

Today the place, receiving a high number of tourists, even has a visitor center with temporary exhibitions. And not only that, here is a chapel where you can get married, thus bragging that you have been married in the northernmost temple on the entire planet.

How to get to North Cape

Midnight sun in North Cape
Midnight sun in North Cape

The most common way to get to the North Cape is from the Norwegian city of Tromsø. The journey, as we have already said, is simple. However, it is long, since we are separated by almost 500 kilometers from our destination.

Despite this, the journey is enjoyable. You have to combine the routes by road with sections by ferry, crossing the wonderful Norwegian fjords, such as Lyngen or Ullsfjord.

Also, we can make stops at interesting places, like Lyngseidet. This is a beautiful town on the seashore where the world’s largest garden gnome is located, reaching 9 meters in height. And you can also visit Alta, with its interesting museum or the observatory of the Northern Lights phenomenon.

Once in North Cape

When you get to this point on the planet, the first thing to do is breathe and feel privileged. But after that you have to enjoy the views. For example, you can see Magerøya Island and hear thousands of birds that live on the Gjesværstappan cliff.

And we also recommend you take a walk to the Kirkeporten arch. At that point you can take some of the best photos of the trip.

Heading to Lapland

Lapland excursion
Lapland excursion

To round off a unique and enviable traveling experience, we suggest you go back another way after visiting North Cape. The idea is to return through Lapland and Finland. An experience that, without a doubt, you will not regret.

For this, the first stage has to take us to Karasjok, still in Norway. It is about 260 kilometers away, and to get there you have to skirt the Porsangerfjorden fjord. A natural wonder whose views will impress you.

And you will also be impressed by making a section through a huge underwater tunnel that plunges more than 200 meters deep. The goal is to reach the cozy city of Karasjok, one of the main cities in Norwegian Lapland.

In fact, this is where the Sami Parliament and two museums are located to get to know this town better. They are the Museum of Sami Culture and the Center for Contemporary Sami Art.

We entered Finland

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Very close to Karasjok is the Inorijoki River, which acts as the border between Norway and Finland. From there, more than 400 kilometers await us to reach Rovaniemi, the great city of Finnish Lapland.

Our advice is to take it easy to enjoy spectacular wild nature and, incidentally, make a stop of interest. For example in Sodankylä, used to receiving the most adventurous tourists and movie lovers, since the Midnight Sun Film Festival is held here.

Thus, almost without realizing it, we will arrive in Rovaniemi, the city where Santa Claus awaits us. He is there any month of the year, receiving requests from children from all over the world.

As you can imagine, this place is surrounded by a special magical atmosphere. Without a doubt, it is an ideal finishing touch to end a trip to the North Cape, the northernmost mainland in the world.

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