Strunjan Nature Reserve: A Treasure On The Adriatic Coast

This is one of the most beautiful areas in Slovenia. A place to enjoy nature and beaches bathed by crystal clear water.
Strunjan Nature Reserve: a treasure on the Adriatic coast

Welcome to the longest coastline of the Gulf of Trieste, known as the Slovenian Riviera. Almost 46 km of coastline make up this incredible enclave. The Strunjan Nature Reserve is one of Slovenia’s hidden gems.  A space that combines wonderful coastal areas with 80-meter-high cliffs.

It has been consecrated for years as a recreation and rest area for Slovenians. More recently it has been discovered by many European tourists, who come to this wonderful place to enjoy their vacations.

The area between Izola and Piran has also been protected as a nature reserve due to its great biological variety and its geomorphology. The whole area hides beautiful beaches and cities.

However, it is the Strunjan cliff that makes this place a heavenly enclave. The views of the Adriatic Sea from the top are extended on good weather days until the city of Trieste is easily seen.

Dive into nature

View of the Strunjan Nature Reserve
Strunjan Nature Reserve

There are several trails to discover the Strunjan Nature Reserve. Trails like the one that takes us to Moon Bay, a fantastic beach with crystal clear waters. You will also find trails to walk along the cliffs and lose yourself among vineyards and olive groves.

Strunjan Nature Park is a unique and well-preserved natural enclave, revealed through images created over thousands of years by the sea and the winds. And  the locals have managed to make it a special and magical place.

The Strunjan Peninsula

The Strunjan peninsula is dotted with houses scattered over large arable areas, which have been built as cultivation terraces. The construction of salt flats is also typical of the area due to its unique coastal configuration.

Today,  many of the Strunjan salt flats are worked in the traditional way. The sea, together with the salt, has also created a paradise for quite strange animals and plants that inhabit the area and that enjoy the salty soil.

The salt pans of Strunjan Nature Park

View of the city of Piran in Slovenia
Piran – Pedro Szekely /

Piran is a coastal city that continues to produce an extraordinary flower of salt. Its beautiful wall and its church, with spectacular views, make it one of the most beautiful cities in the area.

This city developed due to its proximity to Venice and is one of the most photogenic on the Adriatic coast. Obligatory visits are the maritime museum, the aquarium, its beautiful architecture and its medieval wall, which is protected as a cultural-historical monument.

The cliff

The cliff of the Strunjan Nature Park is the highest in the Adriatic. It is also the only intact part of the entire coast of the Gulf of Trieste. The front of the cliff is completely at the mercy of the sea and the winds, which sculpt its layers over and over again creating new forms.


Beach in Strunjan
Beach in Strunjan

For hot summer days, Strunjan beach is perfect to enjoy a good swim. It is also ideal for relaxing in its spa hotel, located next to the sea and which has indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

A beach they call White Cross Beach, because of the white cross that is very close. It is an unusual beach that can only be accessed on foot. It is the true jewel of the Slovenian Riviera.

Another beach worth visiting near Strunjan Natural Park is Izola Beach. It offers incredible views and its sunsets are famous. In addition, a lighthouse and a restaurant area with the best offer in seafood and local wines are located very close by.

Visit the Strunjan Nature Park

From charming seaside towns to gorgeous resort towns and small cliffside bays , a vacation in this part of Slovenia is a no-brainer. The Strunjan Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Get ready to enjoy unique views of the Adriatic Sea. And, if you are lucky, you will even get to see the closest cities on the other side of the sea. This is a unique destination that you should not miss.

Pictures that prove Slovenia is a fairytale country

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