Strolling Through The La Concepción Botanical Garden In Malaga

It is a natural paradise in Malaga and one of the best places to walk in the capital of the Costa del Sol.
Strolling through the La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga

The La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga is one of the thousands of interesting spaces that this Andalusian city has to offer to visitors. It is a place conceived during a honeymoon in Europe where you can see some of the most exotic species in the world. Will you accompany us to visit it?

The history of the La Concepción Botanical Garden

Garden of the Conception in Malaga

The origin of this beautiful botanical garden in Malaga lies in the love of a couple. Specifically, the Marquis of Casa Loring, Jorge Loring Oyarzábal and Amalia Heredia Livermore. They were two young people from business families who had settled in Malaga.

Lovers of culture and history, they had traveled throughout Europe visiting hundreds of cities, visiting its main monuments and enjoying the best botanical gardens. This is how the idea of ​​creating a botanical garden in his city arose.

The place chosen for this was the farm of La Concepción. This was an agricultural estate located on the outskirts of the city next to the Guadalmedina River and which would become one of the best-known botanical gardens in all of Europe.

Its construction was in charge of the French gardener Jacinto Chamoussent and important constructions were added that have made this space a unique place. In 1911 the marriage formed by Rafael Echevarría and Amalia Echevarrieta acquired the farm and continued to enlarge it with more species and unique spaces.

What to see in the La Concepción Botanical Garden

The Historical Garden and the Botanical Garden

Garden view

The so-called Historical Garden is the origin of all this spectacular Malaga garden. It is an enclosure of more than three hectares that is located in the hillside area of ​​the hacienda. Its design was aimed at creating a kind of subtropical forest. In it, the waterfalls, fountains and streams are the protagonists.

There are around three thousand species here, but the most prominent are palm trees, which make up one of the oldest and highest quality collections of palm trees in Europe. Its importance is such that it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1943.

As for the Botanical Garden, we can find it around the Historical Garden. Its distribution was made following scientific criteria. In it there are spaces for aquatic plants, greenhouses, an area of ​​African plants, orchids and a long etcetera. You can do the ‘Around the World in 80 Trees’ route and visit a historic lemon grove.

The Loringian Museum

Temple of the botanist of Malaga

It was the great introduction to the world of this Botanical Garden of La Concepción, since some of the best archaeological pieces in the province of Malaga were gathered there. The building is in the form of a classical style temple and the floor that was used was a Roman mosaic found in the town of Cártama.

Some of the most important Roman remains in Spain were preserved in this building. Remains that were later taken to the National Archaeological Museum, such as the Lex Flavia Malacitana , a bronze piece that contains the Roman laws that prevailed in the city.

The House-Palace of the Botanical Garden La Concepción

House in the botanical garden of Malaga

It is another of the unique spaces that you cannot miss in this botanical garden. It is a mansion whose construction we owe to the German architect August Orth. It is a villa that fulfilled the wishes of the Marquis of Casa Loring and from which they could contemplate the city, the cathedral and the sea.

It dates from 1855 and is classic in style. In its distribution, there are numerous rooms for dances, gatherings, games and parties and a central patio with a marble fountain.

The Administrator’s House

It is a 19th century building whose construction was intended to house garden workers and animals. But today it is one of the most important spaces in the Malaga Botanical Garden. There are the laboratories, the exhibition hall, the historical archive and the library.

Other constructions and spaces

The rest of the garden is littered with more constructions. Among them are the Casita de los Cipreses, the Casita del Jardinero, the historical viewpoint  and the greenhouses, among other spaces. The visit to it can be done from Tuesday to Sunday and has various rates.

Why Malaga fascinates foreigners

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