Soria Templaria, A Route Full Of Mysteries And Secrets

Shrouded in mystery and legend, the Order of the Temple left its mark in the Soria lands. Let’s find out.
Soria templaria, a route full of mysteries and secrets

There are many legends and many myths that link Soria with the name of the Knights Templar. This land, magical in its landscapes and its colors, reveals itself to us magical also in a literal sense in some of its most remote corners. We want to visit that Templar Soria full of mysteries.

It is not surprising that the Order of the Temple established several important sites here. These gentlemen did not choose the sites for their beauty. From San Polo to the mythical San Bartolomé on the Lobos River, the enclaves of the Templar Soria have a lot to tell us, and not just stories.

Many believe that these lands have a powerful connection to some part of our unconscious. A special force, a subtle emanation that penetrates one to the bone. Today we travel to Soria and we will stop at some of its most magical places, literally.

The Order of the Temple

Monastery of San Polo in the templar Soria
Monastery of San Polo

This order of warrior monks was created in France in the 10th century. Its objective was to protect the roads of pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. In addition, they successfully participated in the crusades.

The truth is that the economic and social boom to which they were advocated in a short time and their secret rites and initiations made them in a short time something more than a legend. And they ended up being considered heretics.

It seems that the King of France ended up in debt to the order. And besides, Pope Clement was jealous of the power that this order wielded. A power that surpassed his own and that of the king. Both conspired against the order, which they persecuted, killing and imprisoning many of its members.

In the kingdoms of Spain they were not persecuted. On the contrary, there are many clues that lead one to believe that the creation of new military orders was even facilitated to protect them from papal persecution. Many passed through the Iberian Peninsula fighting in the Reconquest or on their way to other destinations such as Scotland. Others would stay here.

Templar buildings

Church of San Juan de Rabaneda in Soria
Church of San Juan de Rabaneda – Joan /

The Templars seem to have been custodians of esoteric knowledge of various kinds. Among them, the secret of the construction of its buildings. Many of them have a circular or octagonal plan. Constructions that remain standing, when other much more modern ones have not been able to sustain themselves.

One of the myths regarding the symbolic and esoteric Templar construction is that the stones of the buildings were placed in the same order in which they were removed from the quarry. The deepest stones were placed first and those closest to the surface were placed at the top of the building.

It gives the impression that all this knowledge was applied to exert some effect on the unconscious of the visitor.

Magic in the templar Soria

Hermitage of San Bartolomé on the Lobos river in Soria
Hermitage of San Bartolomé

Another belief was that the sites where they built were not chosen at random. They were neither for the beauty nor for the strategic enclave of the place.

Some researchers argue that the choice of sites responded to telluric currents or areas of great energy impact, in addition to the curious numerical correspondence found in many of them.

And all these myths can be found in Soria lands. For example, the hermitage of San Bartolomé, on the river Lobos, is equidistant between the capes of Creus and Finisterre.  Each of these landforms is at one end of the Iberian Peninsula.

Thus, many others have traveled these Soria lands with a pendulum, a device with which telluric currents were once recorded and it seems that these devices find in Soria and its Templar enclaves one of their favorite places where they can not stop moving.

Land of legends

San Juan de Duero in Soria
San Juan de Duero

Soria templaria shows us legends such as the one known from Monte de las Ánimas. Many have as protagonists the spirits of Knights Templar wandering on moonless nights through their castles. It is worth reading some of the books of the great specialist in these subjects, Juan García Atienza, before visiting Soria.

If you are one of those who seek emotions of the spirit in your travels, if you like history, legends and esotericism, do not forget to visit Soria with this vision. You will find much more than you expect. These Soria lands leave even the most incredulous breathless.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel its roads in your car. There is something about this land that grabs you like a magnet and allows you to easily imagine these knights riding with you on their horses. Do you dare to discover that Templar Soria?

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